'Blank Slate' Acquired by Producers of 'Legion'

Bold Films, the folks that helped put a winged Paul Bettany on every other billboard in New York City have acquired the action-thriller spec script, Blank Slate. THR gets the cookie for tipping us off.

The script comes from Douglas Cook and David Weisberg, who wrote The Rock (who could forget Connery saying, "Welcome to The Rock!") and Double Jeopardy (ok, so not every script can be fantastic).

[SIDE NOTE: the image above is in no way related to the film or the production company.  I figured it's gotta be pretty close to what we'll be seeing, in Blank Slate.  Read on for details about the script and the production company.]

The script for Blank Slate, which is reportedly a female-oriented take on The Bourne Identity, finds the ever-troublesome CIA investigating the murder of one of its agents by implanting her memories "into the damaged brain of a female convict.  The agent's lethal abilities also are implanted and soon the convict goes rogue to discover the truth about the murder."

I can't wait to see how the CIA got a hold of the dead agent's memories in the first place.  No word on who'll direct or star in the film.  Having already introduced the world to Dr. Stanley Goodspeed (a.k.a. Nic Cage in The Rock), Cook and Weisberg are staying busy with scripts for Nick Rachet (to be distributed by Disney) and Greenbacks (virtually guaranteed to make money, as Will Smith is attached).

Bold Films, not a company to rest on their laurels after Legion, are working on Jack, the story of a serial killer who loses his memory in an accident and gets a little too friendly with the lovely doctor in charge of his rehabilitation.

No details yet on when Blank Slate will be coming to theaters.

Source: THR

Header Image Source: Tokyo POP

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