Blair Witch TV Spots: Do You Believe the Stories?

Blair Witch poster excerpt

After acclaimed horror genre director Adam Wingard (You're Next) revealed that his mystery project previously titled The Woods was in fact a sequel to the infamous found footage horror film The Blair Witch Project from 1999, fans of the original movie have been abuzz about the upcoming theatrical release of Blair Witch. Following the first official screening at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con this past summer, fans of the franchise have been steadily awaiting the new feature's release domestically and around the world.

The latest full length trailer for Blair Witch certainly painted quite the picture of the sequel's moody and oppressive atmosphere, and with any luck all of the hype surrounding his new movie will be justified. Depicting a story wherein the brother of the long lost Heather Donahue goes out in search of his abducted sister, the latest TV spots tease a few more shots from the new film that should be familiar to diehard fans of the franchise thus far.

The footage featured above and below promises fans of The Blair Witch Project plenty of tension-soaked sequences that are sure to remind them of what made the original movie a masterpiece of the found footage sub-genre. Even though many of the shots have been seen in previously released trailers and TV spots, there is still plenty to get excited about when it comes to this latest chapter in the legend of the Blair Witch.

Over the course of the past few years, Wingard has firmly established himself as a horror genre director to be reckoned with, making his latest entry in the form of Blair Witch one to be approached with certain optimistic excitement. Admittedly, the acclaimed filmmaker will have a lot to live up to if he hopes for his new movie to prove worthy of its surrounding feature franchise, though by the looks of things thus far (especially the positive early reviews) the material is in good hands.

Blair Witch is likely to be another big box office draw when it sees release later this month, and should join the ranks of fellow 2016 horror blockbusters The Conjuring 2 and Don't Breathe. It's been a long time since The Blair Witch Project became an international phenomenon way back in 1999, making the release of the latest franchise sequel an event to be celebrated.

Blair Witch will see theatrical release in the U.S. on September 16, 2016.

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