Blades Of Glory: Funny, In A Squirmy Way?

I just watched the trailer, and it looks like it will be one of those movies that will make you laugh and squirm in your seat at the same time. :-) The concept of the movie is that these guys are the first male/male pair in figure skating history.

And they're not gay.

I have to admit the trailer made me laugh... of course it's hard not to laugh at Will Ferrell when he's onscreen. Ferrell plays a redneck-type macho guy, yet here he is in this highly unusual arrangement, ostensibly for the fame and money. Watching these guys perform on the ice together, considering some of the moves and positions in classic pairs ice skating routines was really, shall we say, strange. But what makes it funny is the expressions on their faces while they're doing it. Kind of a lightbulb moment of "What the heck am I doing?".

Anyway, you can check out the trailer for yourself at the official movie site here.

I'm be curious to hear what you think!

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