Blade Runner Trailer #3 Breakdown

Forget galaxies far away and Justice Leagues, there's another big sci-fi film drawing major buzz. Blade Runner 2049 dropped a final trailer before it's October release date, this time revealing a little more about the plot while still keeping the surprises intact. Starring Ryan Gosling as Officer K, with Harrison Ford reprising his role as Rick Deckard, the film is set 30 years after the original Blade Runner. It's a sequel we never thought we'd get, yet Denis Villeneuve and executive producer Ridley Scott have delivered a film that so far feels as though it is a natural follow-up to. Here the stand-out moments from the trailer, ranging from new information about the characters to teases about the film's mysterious plot.

California 2049...Not Just Los Angeles

The original Blade Runner was set in a futuristic Los Angeles, yet the trailer states that 2049 takes place in a futuristic California. Could the deserted city in which K finds Deckard hiding out be a ruined and abandoned Los Angeles, with the city action taking place somewhere else? It's hard to say. A glimpse of one building does say LAPD, but the location card offers up a wider setting than just one city. It also defies the ending of the original cut of Blade Runner, which sees Deckard and Rachael escaping to a pristine wilderness. The trailer also shows a variety of locations, ranging from smog-covered urban scenes to vast, deserted plains. The scope is already far more epic than the original's, and it'll be interesting to see where exactly Deckard's hideout is.

Dave Bautista's Fugitive...or Replicant?

This trailer introduces us to Dave Bautista's character, who is not named but who plays a key role. The character is tracked down by K, and asks whether he's there to bring him in. K replies that he'd prefer it to the other way. He has some questions. Bautista's character replies by trying to stab him then throwing him through a wall. It is unclear whether his character is just a fugitive or if he's an escaped replicant. The fact he's able to slam K through a fairly sturdy looking wall might point to him being a replicant. Either way, he's a man on the run, similar to Deckard. It will be exciting to see his full fight with K, as it already looks to be an intense action sequence.

"Replicants are the key to the future."

Here's a new spin on Blade Runner mythos: instead of being fugitives that need to be hunted down and killed, Jared Leto's villain seems to think they are the key to the future. This puts a unique take on the very backbone of the original. It seems as though Leto's character is the one behind replicants, and in fact, many of those that work for him are probably replicants themselves. He also is not quite human himself. What this means for the culture of the sequel's world is still unclear, but it throws into question everything we've come to understand about the film's universe. Has the law about replicants been changed? Or is there something that they're hiding that audiences will only learn come the film's release? It's still too early to say.

Key Release Dates
  • Blade Runner 2049 (2017) release date: Oct 06, 2017
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