Blade Runner 2049 International TV Trailer: Ryan Gosling Doesn't Run

Sony Pictures UK has dropped a brand-new international TV trailer for Blade Runner 2049 online. A few decades have now passed since the first installment in the budding neo-noir sci-fi franchise, Blade Runner, was released in theaters and became a touchstone title in its own right. Nevertheless, Harrison Ford is back reprising his role as the replicant hunter Rick Deckard from the original Blade Runner in the much-anticipated sequel.

This time, however, a new generation of blade runner has taken over Deckard's former gig - namely, Ryan Gosling's LAPD Officer K. The two characters meet when K set out to locate Deckard 30 years ago after the latter mysterious vanished - in the hopes that Deckard will help K save the world from a looming threat that could potentially threaten all of humankind. Characters played by such actors as Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Ana De Armas, Dave Bautista and Mackenzie Davis also fit into the storyline here, in ways that have yet to be fully explained.

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The new international TV trailer offers a new perspective on the Blade Runner sequel, with a mix of never-before seen footage and extended cuts of previously-released footage that further helps to establish the premise of the film. Interestingly, while the earlier Blade Runner 2049 trailers were geared more towards teasing the film's world-building and captivating visuals of the movie's dystopian setting, this new teaser focuses more on Blade Runner 2049's action set pieces.

In addition, the eerie and mysterious villain Niander Wallace (Leto) gets more time in the spotlight here, as we learn more about his (apparent) attempt to take over the world by manufacturing replicants in the film. If anything, this new Blade Runner 2049 promo doubles down on the dire situation that K is in and why it prompts him to seek out Deckard.

Given the significant pop cultural impact that the original Blade Runner has had over the past thirty-five years, Blade Runner 2049 has some big shoes to fill and high standards to meet. However, based on the trailers and TV spots for the Blade Runner sequel, director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Arrival) has a good grasp on the essence of the franchise - allowing his take on the Blade Runner lore to feel familiar but still fresh and with something new to offer. Aside from getting some answers about the existing questions that cloud this franchise (like, if Deckard is a replicant or not), fans can also expect Blade Runner 2049 to plant some seeds for the future and leave the door open to a potential third Blade Runner film, down the line.

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Source: Sony Pictures UK

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  • Blade Runner 2049 (2017) release date: Oct 06, 2017
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