Gosling's Blade Runner Fears 'Were Gone' After Script Was Written

Ryan Gosling reveals once Harrison Ford expressed his love for the Blade Runner 2049 script, he no longer had fears about the project.

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling has discussed the Blade Runner 2049 screenplay, saying all his fears about the project subsided once Harrison Ford expressed his love for it. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the film is a sequel to Ridley Scott's legendary sci-fi work Blade Runner, which was released back in 1982. Initially, the movie polarized critics and casual audiences alike, grossing only $32.8 million domestically in its theatrical run. However, in the decades since, it has become a cult classic that inspired countless imitators due to its stunning production design and heady themes. Because of this change in reputation, 2049 ranks among the most-anticipated offerings of this fall.

As excited as fans are to return to the Blade Runner world, revisiting such an iconic property so many years after the original carries a fair amount of risk - something Villeneuve was keenly aware of during the process. There's no denying this film was a pressure-packed undertaking that would have to live up to the highest of expectations. That certainly had to be daunting for Gosling, who made Blade Runner 2049 his first big-budget role. However, the script gave him all the confidence he needed.

In an interview with Malaysia's At the Movies / BFM Radio, Gosling discussed the development of the screenplay, saying his interactions with key players like Ford and Scott (who is producing 2049) removed his fears:

"I was fortunate enough to have gotten to meet with Ridley and talk to him about it first while he was writing it [Blade Runner 2019 script]. So I knew that it was something he not only approved off but was actively involved in. And Hampton Fancher, the original writer was also working on it with him so that was a good sign and then they sent it to Harrison when they were finished. He loved the script, so all my fears were gone, because who am I to say to them that this is not how the film should go? You know, they all felt that this is where the story would've led and I felt very excited to be a part of it."

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It's encouraging for viewers that Gosling was sold on Blade Runner 2049's potential by the strength of the film's script. Over the last few years, the actor has demonstrated a great ability to pick out quality projects for himself, including Best Picture candidates like The Big Short and La La Land. If he felt the Blade Runner sequel was up to par, chances are it's a film that adds to the series legacy and is a worthy successor. Gosling also holds a great deal of reverence for the original, previously saying it was "so special" when he first saw it, so odds are he wouldn't have signed on for 2049 if it didn't at least meet that standard. As a Blade Runner fan, Gosling is humble and happy to be along for the ride, meaning the experience was all the more sweeter for him knowing he was working with a great screenplay. Other members of the cast, such as Dave Bautista, have expressed their enthusiasm for the material, raising to the already high levels of hype.

Hopefully, audiences are in agreement with Gosling's assessment when Blade Runner 2049 finally opens in theaters. The pieces are in place for a memorable sci-fi film, as director Villeneuve is riding a career-long hot streak that includes last year's Oscar-nominated Arrival. With a filmmaker working at the top of his game and a talented ensemble bringing the universe to life, this long-gestating sequel could be worth the wait for viewers, joining the ranks of several recent Hollywood franchise revivals that received widespread acclaim.

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Source: At the Movies / BFM Radio

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