Funko Unveils Blade Runner 2049 Product Line

Funko has unveiled its range of Blade Runner 2049 merchandise. The upcoming sequel, based on a script by Blade Runner’s Hampton Fancher and Logan’s Michael Green, and featuring direction by Sicario and Arrival’s Denis Villeneuve, is currently shrouded in an ‘insane’ level of secrecy.

It is also known that Hans Zimmer is finishing the musical score for Blade Runner 2049, and that Villeneuve has been chatting about which version of Blade Runner he sees as canon. Meanwhile, the mighty Harrison Ford has weighed in on the 'Deckard is a Replicant' theory, and expressed a (joking) desire to reboot even more film franchises from his past. (Of course, his last attempt - Star Wars: The Force Awakens - was a huge success.)

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And now, Funko has pulled the veil back slightly to reveal their range of tie-in products to go with Blade Runner 2049's October release. Ford and his costar Ryan Gosling have both been transformed into Pop Vinyl figures and cutesy Dorbz toys. To have a look at those and more, check out the gallery below:

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It’s got to be said that the Deckard Dorbz figure is anachronistically jolly, and that Ford’s costume still looks like he wandered onto the set in his everyday clothes. But still, hardcore Blade Runner fans and avid Funko collectors are bound to flock to these fresh products. The Gosling ones will probably do particularly well.

Along with Ford’s Deckard and Gosling’s Officer K, the Funko Pop Vinyl range also includes facsimiles of Jared Leto’s Niander Wallace, Sylvia Hoeks’s Luv, Ana de Armas’s Joi, and two versions of Dave Bautista’s Sapper (with and without a big brown helmet on his head). Officer K, Deckard, Wallace, and Sapper are the only ones available in Dorbz form. (Again, there are two Sappers in that range to account for his headwear.)

Gosling has described Blade Runner 2049 as a ‘more brutal’ movie than its predecessor, and fans have been told to expect an answer - at long last - as to whether Deckard is a real human or not. It’s good to know that even a hard-hitting film that deals with mankind's existence as a species can’t escape the Funko Pop treatment at this stage.

It's worth pointing out that some of these Funkos are pretty rare. The Deckard Dorbz is limited to 6,500 pieces, and that the helmeted Sapper Dorbz variant has a 1-in-6 rarity.

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