Blade Runner 2049 Expands 'Understanding' of Deckard

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer - Harrison Ford as Deckard

Blade Runner 2049 will “expand” your “understanding” of Deckard, Harrison Ford has revealed. Indeed, Ford’s return to the role of Rick Deckard is one of the most enticing aspects of this long-awaited sequel, which will follow on from Ridley Scott’s seminal 1982 sci-flick, Blade Runner. Interestingly, though, Ford and Scott still have different ideas on whether Deckard is a replicant.

Joining Ford at the center of Blade Runner 2049 is Ryan Gosling, who’ll play Officer K, a young blade runner who seeks out Deckard - as seen in the film's trailers - even though it's been years since anyone's seen the latter. Also among the movie's cast are Jared Leto (who blinded himself on the set) and Dave Bautista (who’s playing a replicant). Scott produced the movie, with Arrival helmsman Denis Villeneuve taking the director’s chair.

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The Blade Runner 2049 release date is now right around the corner, and the first wave of reviews for the sequel was extremely positive. To raise the hype even higher, Ford has now been wheeled out for promotional purposes. Speaking at a press conference, Ford revealed what attracted him to the project, in his typically short-form speaking style:

“[I] thought it was a great opportunity to expand the audience's understanding of the character.”

This is particularly exciting news, given that Deckard’s enigma wasn’t deconstructed much by the original film. Blade Runner’s ambiguousness concerning Deckard’s origins has stoked the fires of fan debates for decades, and Ford's statement about its sequel slots in nicely with what’s already been teased - in this follow-up, fans may finally find out whether Deckard is a human or not.

However, Ford wasn’t just selfishly looking to expand his own character here. There were other factors that attracted him to the film, as well:

“The whole had to be something I really wanted to be involved with as well, not just my part. I saw the potential and I also was anxious to work with all the people involved, with Denis, with Ryan. So for me, it was a great opportunity.”

Of course, as much as this further exploration of Deckard is very highly anticipated, Blade Runner 2049’s new characters and story points must also be top-notch, in order for fans to be fully satisfied. It sounds like Ford was on a similar wavelength to the audience, needing more than just some solid Deckard material to lure him onto the project.

Given that early reactions have heralded Blade Runner 2049 as a masterpiece (or, at least, the next best thing), there probably isn’t much cause for fans to be worried at this stage. It’s been well documented that Ford loved the script upon first reading it, and, soon enough, fans will finally find out why.

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