Blade Runner 2049 Projected for Solid Global Box Office Opening

The latest projections for the worldwide opening of Blade Runner 2049 are in, and things are looking good for the movie. Though Ridley Scott's take on Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? has earned a sterling reputation over the years, it spent a long time as nothing more than a cult classic. Amidst a movie season that featured blockbusters like E.T.Poltergeist, and Rocky III, the original Blade Runner only earned $32 million domestically over the course of its box office run. It also seriously divided audiences and critics, who didn't quite know what to make of the heady sci-fi film.

By contrast, Blade Runner 2049 looks to find success that its predecessor has only gradually earned. The first wave of Blade Runner 2049 reviews for the film have been stellar, with many claiming the sequel either matches or exceeds the quality of the original movie. Blade Runner 2049 has also been leading in social media buzz and earning pre-sale numbers that top similar films like Mad Max: Fury Road and The Martian. Now, the latest estimates for the movie's global opening have it reaching solid numbers.

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Deadline is reporting that the current global box office projections for Blade Runner 2049 have the film opening with $100 million worldwide. $45M of that will come from the domestic box office, with an additional $55M generated overseas. As the site mentions, that would give the sequel a similar North American debut to Fury Road, as well as the Alien prequel Prometheus.


While those estimates are admirable for anything shy of a superhero film of Star Wars movie, the new Blade Runner has a considerably bigger budget to recoup that its forebear. While the first film was made for less than $30M, Blade Runner 2049 has a whopping $185M budget. That puts it on par with some of the films made by Marvel and DC nowadays, even though the Blade Runner sequel seems less likely to match their performances at the box office.

That said, a $100M global opening would be solid and positive word-of-mouth may drive the total up. There's also the chance that 2049 could have long legs. As of now, it won't have much competition at the box office until Thor: Ragnarok arrives in November. It will depend in no small amount on Blade Runner 2049's ability to draw in both fans of the original Blade Runner and those moviegoers who are less passionate about (or even unfamiliar with) the larger franchise.

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Source: Deadline

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