Blade Runner 2 Video Explores the Sequel's Practical Effects & World

Ryan Gosling Was Ovewhelmed by Blade Runner 2049 Practical Sets

The newest featurette for Blade Runner 2049 dives headfirst back into the film's unique, iconic sci-fi world. While the idea of creating a sequel to Ridley Scott's 1982 classic film might have seemed ridiculous at firstBlade Runner 2049 has managed to emerge as one of this year's most exciting and promising films. And without a doubt, that's thanks to the talent of those involved in it, starting with director Denis Villeneuve taking over for Scott at the helm of the film - following his critically-acclaimed work these past few years on Prisoners, Sicario, and Arrival - and talented stars like Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, and more all attached to star in it.

Warner Bros. has also shown great restraint revealing in its marketing so far. Following the release of the first teaser trailer back in December as well, fans got their best look yet at Blade Runner 2049 with its second theatrical trailer debuting online several weeks ago, which revealed even more from the visually sumptuous, action-packed, and ambitious follow-up film.

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With this Sunday marking the 35th anniversary of the first Blade RunnerEW has unveiled a brand new featurette for Blade Runner 2049 . Surprisingly, the featurette offers quite a bit of new, never-before-seen footage from the sequel for fans to devour while Ford, Gosling, Scott, and Villeneuve talk about what it's been like to revisit such an iconic world. It doesn't offer much more in terms of story or character details, but the featurette does further tease the film's gorgeous visuals, talented cast members, and the efforts Villeneuve has taken with his crew to make the film's world feel as real and tangible as possible. Check out the newest featurette for yourself by clicking here.

While the thought of anyone other than Ridley Scott tackling a film set within the dystopian future of Blade Runner is likely hard to consider for most longtime fans of the property, it's hard to think of anyone more capable of doing it than Villeneuve. He's proven himself time and time again to be one of the most talented filmmakers working today and with the release of Arrival last year, also showed that he could tackle thought-provoking sci-fi concepts like few other filmmakers can.

Of course, there's no telling if Villeneuve has actually been able to make a film capable of living up to its beloved predecessor, but the fact that Blade Runner 2049 has already released some of the best-looking footage and trailers of any film so far this year, shouldn't be easily dismissed either. The studio's marketing of the film has been top notch up until this point, alluding to the film's central questions and mystery enough, without giving away any real details or important twists along the way. And if the film's trailers and promotional imagery can manage to continue balancing that line over the next few months, then the hype surrounding Blade Runner 2049 when it hits theaters in October may be even higher than anyone could have expected.

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Source: EW

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