Blade Runner 2049 SDCC Footage Description: A Flashback To The Original

A new scene from Blade Runner 2049 played during the Warner Bros. panel at SDCC, during which Ryan Gosling's K gets a glimpse into the past. 2049 was second up on Warner Bros. two-hour panel, stuck between Ready Player One and Justice League. While both of those rightly created a lot of hype from their respective trailers, Blade Runner was devoid of points of interest.

The panel opened up with a hologram of Jared Leto, and during the Q&A Harrison Ford made an attempt to distance himself from the long-standing Deckard-Replicant mystery. Two sets of footage were also played. The first was a reshowing of the third trailer released earlier this week, but the second was an exclusive clip just for those in Hall H. Screen Rant was there and can provide you with the details.

The scene sees K heading to Wallace Corp (the company owned by Leto's character) where he's led through the corridor lined with replicants in tubes seen in several of the trailers by Sylvia Hoeks' replicant character. She takes him to a collection of glass balls which serve as memory capsules; Hoeks places in a computer and we see archived footage of the original film's events when Harrison Ford's Deckard interrogates Rachael using the Voight-Kampff test. The pair thenhase a cold discussion: she states she likes being asked questions, he refuses to respond to a question of he enjoys his job.

Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

The clip does a lot at once. It shows how the technology of the world has advanced in the preceding thirty years (the original film was set in 2019) and sets up a world where replicants are outlawed. Beyond that, it shows that the events of the 1982 classic are going to have far reaching implications. This was already understood from the simple fact K is looking for Deckard, but that a scene has been reused/recreated goes a step further.

Of course, we do know that there's going to be some explicit returning to the original film, with Edward James Olmos reprising his role as the enigmatic Gaff for four scenes and possibly another actor being brought to life through CGI. How this all threads together is a closely guarded secret, but it's clear 2049 is very much about legacy.

Ford was asked about this and how Blade Runner is the second of three reboots of his iconic films (the others being Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Indiana Jones 5), which he jokingly said was a concerted effort. Let's just hope Deckard's fate is a little brighter than Han Solo's.

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