Does Blade Runner 2049 Have A Post-Credits Scene?

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After 35 years, Blade Runner 2049 has finally arrived. Should you further wait through the credits of the 163-minute film in hope of an extra stinger? There's going to be a lot of questions on audience's lips when the movie comes to its close, but that's sure to be one of the most pertinent ones. Allow us to answer your burning questions (spoiler-free, of course).

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Does Blade Runner 2049 Have A Post-Credits Scene?


Blade Runner 2049 does a rather nice credit roll presented in the film's cracked analog style that's nice to watch, but in terms teasing stingers, there is no post-credits scene.

People sticking around through the credits aren't completely wasting their time though. There's one final piece of Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch's score that plays over the scrolling text that, like much of the soundtrack, is a strong mix between new and old (this one in particular works in several of Vangelis' original tracks).

Does Blade Runner 2049 Set Up A Sequel Otherwise?

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Of course, there was no post-credits scene to the original Blade Runner either (it came when they were really only the purview of comedies), although 2049 is a bit different. Keeping spoilers to an absolute minimum, the world of future L.A. that Denis Villeneuve builds is, like Ridley Scott's thirty-years prior, a living, breathing metropolis. But, crucially, in the sequel the scope of the world is expanded to the point that it feels like there could be another movie.

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The specifics are rather involved (and we'll have a full feature exploring this in the coming days) but there were plenty of avenues for a stinger here. That there isn't, of course, betrays the lack of serious plans for a third entry in the franchise.

If You Want More Blade Runner, There's Always The Shorts

There is more Blade Runner-related material, however; it's just not shown in the cinema. In the lead-up to 2049, Warner Bros. released three shorts that elaborate on events between films - Wallace forcing the government to end replicant prohibition in 2036, the incident that led the LAPD to Sapper in 2048 and an anime outlining of the Black Out in 2022. These were made to be seen before 2049 (and all provide details that are given mostly in the sequel's first ten minutes), but if you skipped them, they're definitely worth checking out:

While there's no post-credits scene to Blade Runner 2049, there's still a lot to discuss about the film. Keep on Screen Rant for a series of explainers and other features in the coming days.

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