Blade Fan Art Imagines John Boyega Replacing Wesley Snipes

New fan art for Marvel Studios' take on Blade puts rising star John Boyega in the role once made famous by Wesley Snipes. Prior to the Marvel Cinematic Universe taking shape, other studios got in the superhero movie game by using characters from Marvel Comics. Sony's Spider-Man and Fox's X-Men made big strides, but the often overlooked franchise was New Line bringing Blade to the big screen. Played excellently by Wesley Snipes, the original 1998 movie spawned two sequels, and has continued to keep fans wondering what future the vampire has - but Snipes doesn't want anyone else taking his role.

Marvel Studios now has the rights back to Blade, but they haven't been very proactive in bringing him back. Despite rumblings of a Netflix series possibly revolving around Blade's daughter, Blade continues to wait on the shelf. If he is ever brought into the MCU, there is one actor who is atop nearly everyone's list to play the part (other than Jamie Foxx), and some new fan art shows just how perfect it could be.

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BossLogic returned with another comic book movie inspired piece, this time drawing on the interest of John Boyega playing Blade in a solo MCU movie. If Boyega's talent wasn't enough to win people over, how he could potentially look with the faded hair cut, neck tattoos, and sword make it even more apparent that he'd be a great fit.

Based on the suggestions here is a quick mock up of @JohnBoyega #blade

Only if @wesleysnipes passes the torch

We all ❤️ the OG#mcu #marvel @MarvelStudios

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) March 6, 2018

Even though there's been no indications from Marvel Studios that Blade is in their plans, he'd be a great candidate to help kick off a new banner in the vein of Marvel MAX. If that is ever the case and Blade is brought back, getting Boyega as the lead would be an excellent decision. Not only does he look the part as evident by this mock up, but he's a growing name in the industry. He's already got two of the biggest movies of all-time on his resumé thanks to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and will likely get a third with Episode IX. He's also set to be the lead in Pacific Rim Uprising later this month.

Considering he is already in the Disney family with Star Wars and knowing how much they love to keep talent in house, Boyega seems destined to be a part of the MCU eventually, if he desires. He was previously aiming for such a role in Black Panther, but that never transpired. Now that he's even more popular, his inclusion would likely be in a leading role. A reboot of Blade could do just that, so we'll have to see if Marvel ever goes down that path. If they do, casting Boyega is a move many would get behind.

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Stay tuned to Screen Rant for further updates on Blade and Boyega's potential of landing such a role.

Source: BossLogic

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