The Blacklist: Most Shocking Moments From The Show, Ranked

The Blacklist, when said and done, will go down as one of those shows that people will realize after it's gone, just how amazing it actually was.

If solving a mystery is what draws one to their television, then figuring out the identity of its main character and his relationship to Liz should have one's attention. If you're into cop shows then the Harold Cooper-led Task Force is one of the best in any prime time slot.

Veteran actor James Spader has done a wonderful job by making a villain one of the most lovable characters to date on any network. While the focus has been on stopping criminals, The Blacklist has managed to compose one of the best storylines on TV. Who is Raymond Reddington? What is his deep connection to Elizabeth Keen?

With The Blacklist heading into its final season next fall, we'll take a look back at a fee of the most shocking moments throughout its first six seasons.

10 Watching Samar Talk To Aram On The Plane

This one hurt to the core. With the news that Mozhan Marno was leaving the show, this moment was bound to happen. From the start of The Blacklist, Aram has fawned over Samar. From failed relationships to being co-workers, their chemistry was always there. Once they decide to take it to another level, some viewers were just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Well, it didn't come until Samar revealed the depths of her sickness and Aram did his best to protect her that their fate was sealed. In order to save his life, Samar did what she thought was best and made her way out of the country with the help of Reddington. In doing so, she was forced to leave Aram behind, which resulted in one of the toughest moments in the show.

9 Liz Gets Red Arrested

In her eyes, she wanted the truth. However, there had to be another way to go about it. With Reddington being a wanted man and roaming free for years, a call into the police is what took him down. Reddington has come face to face with officers before and nothing, so what made this so special?

From a simple arrest to lethal injection, it all felt strange. Liz went too far trying to find answers and it almost cost her the man she calls her father. Was it a moment of betrayal? Yes. And the fact that Reddington has forgiven her for the transgression just shows why that moment is so shocking.

8 Tom and Liz's Wedding

What was meant to be a special day turned into a nightmare for Liz and Tom. With this being their second-time getting married, Liz wanted Reddington nowhere around. However, Mr. Solomon had a plan to end it all but Red as always was ready to protect her and Tom. What ensues is one of the best gunfights to date on The Blacklist.

With Liz coming forward as Marsha Rostova, she was then placed on a "hit list" of sorts. With Mr. Soloman and his team approaching, Reddington emerged in one of the best scenes of the episode. He entered the church with a shotgun right when Harold was giving his blessings for the marriage. With panic on everyone's faces, Reddington and Mr. Solomon set the stage for an epic gunfight.

7 Reddington and Ressler Trapped In The Detention Box

For what reason could this possibly end up as one of the most shocking moments in The Blacklist?. Well, for a split second, we were given a glimpse into Raymond's head. As Ressler is bleeding out on the bench fighting for his life, Reddington proceded to do what he does best. Tell a story. But not like any other he has ever told. Well, at least to someone like Ressler.

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With Ressler trying to fight off death, Red, unable to help, tried his best to take Ressler's mind off his doomed future. We've known Red to be a strategical, caring, and yet violent man. But in those few moments, we also saw a sign of regret and one of hope. For all the bad that he has done and caused, Reddington wants to live. Not until the age of 100 like most of us but he was to LIVE.

6  The Moment Red Surrenders Himself

Although it happened in the first episode of Season One, we didn't get the full meaning behind it until Season 4. This was Raymond Reddington surrendering himself to the FBI just to get next to Elizabeth Keen. The impact of the moment was revealed to show just how much Red cared for her and how far he was willing to go to protect and help Keen.

At the time, we had no idea Reddington was a wanted man. As he walked into the lobby of the FBI, he calmly asked to see Harold Cooper. He then proceeded to take off his jacket, stepped to the middle of the floor, knelt down, and put his hands behind his head. As the authorities came rushing in with guns drawn, viewers were wondering what happened and who this guy was.

5 Tom's Death

No matter how you felt about Tom Keen, his death had to leave a sour taste in your mouth. Although he went out like a warrior by protecting Liz, it sucked that the writers had the identity of Red tied to it.

In a heart-wrenching scene, Red put Tom and Liz into a car and raced them to the hospital. As they drove the streets, the last conversation between the married couple did nothing but pull at your heartstrings. Liz and Tom both professed their love for one another. Tom told Liz that she has to make it and he can't live without her. In the end, Tom was dead and Liz was in a coma.

4 Red Finds Katarina

We've wondered, is she alive? Well, our question was answered in the Season 6 finale. Red caught wind of news where Katarina was spotted and against solid advice, he went alone. As he walked up to her on a quiet dark street, he called her name, she turned, walked towards him, kissed Red, then drugged him. Just then, a van pulled up, men hopped out and placed Red inside.

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The theories of Katarina still being alive have run rampant for two years. But to finally see it,  it still left some in shock. But what does that mean going forward? Is she a friend or foe? With The Blacklist heading into its final season, what better way than to make the story come full circle.

3 Dembe Drugs Red (By Accident)

In the midst of a personal war between Red and Mr. Kaplan, Red was passed a drink in which the scotch was poisoned. What has set The Blacklist apart from the competition shows, has been their ability to the detail. During the episode, we were given the notion that it was his trusted friend Dembe who poisoned Red.

As Reddington met with the only people who knew about his funds, Dembe, as usual, informed Red that this would be a bad idea. Red didn't listen and as a result, woke up in a makeshift medical facility and was told he had a day or two to live. What made the betrayal worse was that he was told it was Dembe who drove him there and then he vanished. But Red would later find out that the poison didn't come from the meeting but beforehand when it was just he and Dembe alone.

2 When Red Shoots Mr. Kaplan

Did it really have to come to this is the question many viewers had while this shocking moment played out. With their personal beef coming to a head, Red felt he had no choice but to kill one of his oldest friends. For the better part of the show, Mr. Kaplan has had Red's back. Once we learned of their past, it made sense why they were so close and why they each came to the conclusion of why they did what they did that brought them to the fateful afternoon in the woods.

1 The Bones

Easily number one because this is the scene that still has fans trying to figure out the plot. When Mr. Kaplan dug up someones remains, The Blacklist community of fans went wild. Who did they belong to? And most importantly, why are they even present? Six seasons in, and there are no clear answers to either question.

We can think they belong to the real Raymond Reddington but for the life of me, why did Mr. Kaplan or Reddington even hide bones in the first place? The Blacklist has taken fans on a wild ride of confusion and misdirection for six years and while we think we have it figured out, the true identity of Raymond Reddington and those bones are still a mystery.

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