The Blacklist: 10 Questions We Still Have After The Season 6 Finale

The Blacklist is a show notorious for keeping viewers on their toes, and the Season 6 finale left everyone with more questions than before.

The opening scene of The Blacklist provided us with everything we needed to know. We were in for a wild ride. As we head into the final season of The Blacklist, viewers are still grasping for straws for the big reveal. Who is Raymond Reddington?

With Katarina Rostova back in the fold, how will her daughter Liz respond and what part will the Task Force play in either helping or bringing her down? One thing is for certain, the Season 4 finale shut the door on a conspiracy, but left the window open for two more to creep in.

Here are 10 Questions We Still Need Answered After The Season 6 Finale

10 Why Did Katarina Kidnap Red?

If Katarina has been alive all these years, why wait now? What was the purpose of her kidnapping Red when it seems she could have gotten to him anytime she wanted? But it goes deeper than that. Did she now he was coming? Think about it, a dark street, a needle, and a van of men just waiting. It was a set up.

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Is Red's life in some sort of danger and how long will she keep him in hiding? Does Katrina want to bring him harm for being around Liz or is this revenge for shooting Mr. Kaplan? Whatever her reasons are, it's sure to be an explosive opening to Season 6.

9 Can Dembe Be Trusted?

Despite his return to glory and saving the day, should Reddington be able to trust Dembe as fully as he once did? Over the course of their friendship, they have gone through the typical ups and downs, but what Dembe did was not as bad as Red had made it out to be. Dembe has always protected Red at all costs, but Dembe protecting Liz is just as important.

With Red now missing, it will be Dembe hot on his trail. But that alone could be a telling sign. When Red was kidnapped by Katarina in the Season 5 finale of The Blacklist, he was alone. Where was Dembe? He never travels anywhere without his trusted partner. But if he indeed did, then Red has not fully forgiven Dembe.

8 Will Aram Join Samar?

When it's all said and done, will Aram find a way to be reunited with his love, Samar? In what can only be described as one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the history of The Blacklist, fans are waiting for this moment.

If each character gets a proper send-off, it's only fitting that Aram and Samar are reunited. It doesn't matter if he has to flee the country and go into hiding. To see both express their love for one another then to have it snatched away, was not fair. Let's hope they have a happy ending.

7 Will Cooper Get His Hands Dirty, Again?

Every once in a while, even the best of the best are forced to get their hands dirty. For Harold Cooper, he has a few under his belt. For a person who couldn't see past Reddington's past, Cooper has changed his mind over and over when he comes to the Task Force. While on the stand and under oath, Harold has lied to a judge just to help Red.

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On another occasion, while helping a friend, Cooper and Red teamed up. This is not the normal behavior of a man in charge of the FBI. However, Cooper did come to the aid of one of the counties most wanted men. But still, we know he has it in him to defend those he holds dear to him. As Red once told him, "I consider you a friend". Will it come a time again where Harold will be forced to lay it all on the line for Red or someone else?

6 Will Katarina and Liz Join Forces?

Mother and daughter reunited to cause havoc on anyone who stands in there way. It's been years since Katarina laid eyes on Liz up close. With her being alive and able to travel, it's safe to say, just like Reddington, she's kept tabs and may have been closer to her than Liz and viewers know.

But what does she want? Does Katarina have any desire of seeing her daughter? And if so, what threat will force them together? There's no way that The Blacklist should have them on opposite sides of the battlefield. It just wouldn't be right after all this time.

5 Who Gets The Island?

In Season 3, there was mention of a box. In that box, contained a key of sorts to a place on some secluded island. Knowing Reddington, this was his endgame. At the time, he offered it to Mr. Kaplan out of friendship in the middle of their war so she could escape and because he didn't want to kill his oldest living friend.

Well, Kaplan declined and later on Red gave the same box to Dembe. Although the box has never been brought up again, we know it's still out there. Now, with Agnes back in the picture, it would seem the wisest decision would be for Liz and her baby to go far off and live their best life in peace. If something were to happen to Red, should Liz get the island or someone else?

4 Who The Heck Is Red, Really?

That last scene of Reddington and Katarina was as subtle as ever, but it was so quick that the image was erased the moment they kissed. When Red called her name, Katarina stopped, and her facial expression said it all. She was shocked (or well played). But then came the moment. "Raymond".

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Why did she say that if it was just them two on the street? She was told of Islyis plan to make this face over but why not address him as Koslov and not Raymond? So, who the heck is that, really? The bones are the bones and we know the story the grandfather told Liz but how much of that was actually true? What does Katarina really know?

3 Could There Be A Ressler and Liz Connection?

Why not? There's a little chemistry there between the two but for Ressler, it may be a bit more evident. With Liz finding her answers regarding Tom's death, she should be ready to move on. But are they a good fit?

Despite starting out as partners, they are opposites. Ressler can be a bit uptight and is a stickler for the rules. Liz, on the other hand, is a livewire ready to explode and has been known to break a law or two. Would Ressler be willing to look the other way if need be? With Agnes back in her life fulltime, Liz could be ready to start over with some family stability.

2 How Does It All End?

All great shows must come to an end. For the writers of The Blacklist, they could face the same scrutiny as those who penned The Sopranos, Lost, How I Met Your Mother and others. Can they do enough to satisfy everyone?

The biggest question is; what will happen to Raymond Reddington? Will Liz find peace with her mother? Will Ressler be the first of the Task Force to face the Grim Reaper? And as for Aram; will he be reunited with Samar? So many storylines to tie up, that this could go out as one of the best or fall in line with others like Lost as a bundled opportunity.

1 Who Will Liz Choose?

As a fan from the beginning, Red's death would break my heart. However, we may have come to the point where it's inevitable. Also, remember that Red is sick. The writers could play that card and let Red live the rest of his life in a hospice or something, but that's not Reddington's style.

With that said, if Liz had a choice and possibly had to save or choose one, would it be Katarina or Reddington? Although Reddington has saved her life numerous times and been there, this is still her mother we're discussing. Many years apart could not break that bond but if she has to choose in the end, who would it be?

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