Black Widow Set Photos Show Scarlett Johansson On Location

The Black Widow solo movie is now filming and the first set photos show Scarlett Johansson returning as the red-haired spy Natasha Romanoff.

Black Widow Red Room Scarlett Johansson

The first set photos from Black Widow show Scarlett Johansson back as the red-haired super spy, with filming beginning in Norway. Natasha Romanoff quickly became a fan favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Johansson debuted as her in Iron Man 2, so much so that many have been left wondering when she would get her own film. Through three Phases of the MCU, no such movie came for Black Widow, but the signs of that changing started popping up last year.

Marvel Studios unofficially began to make many moves to gear up Black Widow to be one of their first films after Avengers: Endgame, which is also where Natasha Romanoff died. Her death all but guarantees that the solo movie will be a prequel. The solo film is reportedly going to be a big payday for Johansson and also sees Cate Shortland become the first solo female director of an MCU film. Marvel has spent the last few months casting co-stars around Johansson in anticipation of filming beginning, but it is just the star who is seen in the first look at the movie.

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Filming on Black Widow has unofficially started in Sæbø, Norway and Dagbladet has provided the first set photos and videos of Johansson on set. A few different scenes were captured already, involving Natasha entering and exiting a convenience store and arriving in the town on a ferry. Check out the photos and videos from the set by clicking the link below.


These early scenes filmed for Black Widow admittedly don't provide much insight into the plot of the film, as they instead focus on Natasha doing regular, everyday life things. But, we do know that she has her usual long red hair look back, which could help us eliminate a few possible ranges for when the movie is set. That said, it is unclear if this look is the same one she'll have for the entirety of the film or if these scenes could be part of a flashback.

If this long red hair look is what Black Widow has for the entirety of her solo film, then it would rule out the movie taking place in the five-year time jump featured in Avengers: Endgame. This was a popular suggestion amongst fans, but that doesn't appear to be the case unless this is a flashback or the blonde hints will be added in post. Instead, this look could very well indicate that Black Widow is indeed an origin story for the spy. Other options include the time between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron or between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. As filming continues, more details on Black Widow are sure to come.

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Source: Dagbladet

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