Black Widow Movie SDCC Footage Description

Black Widow Movie SDCC 2019

Marvel Studios unveils the first Black Widow footage at their San Diego Comic-Con 2019 panel - here's a detailed description. Scarlett Johansson debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Natasha Romanoff aka. Black Widow way back in Phase 1, as an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Iron Man 2. She's since reprised the role across every installment in The Avengers series, as well as two Captain America movies. However, though fans have been calling for a Black Widow movie since 2012, Nat's solo outing is only now in the works.

Currently, the Black Widow movie is filming, with Johansson reprising her role once again despite sacrificing herself for the Soul Stone in Avengers: Endgame. Although Marvel Studios hadn't officially announced Phase 4, leaving fans to puzzle over what was in store for the MCU in coming years, we knew Black Widow was coming. In early 2018, Marvel set Jac Schaeffer to write the script for Black Widow, with director Cate Shortland coming on board the project in July 2018. The Black Widow movie has been filming for some time now, which meant Marvel was able to show off an early look to fans at SDCC.

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During the Marvel Studios panel in Hall H at SDCC, Kevin Feige revealed a first look at footage from the upcoming Black Widow movie. Screen Rant was in the hall and saw Budapest, Natasha fighting Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova, and a battle against mimicking villain Taskmaster. The footage opened with a look back at Black Widow's journey so far in the MCU, with some of Natasha's most famous lines of dialogue used as voiceover, including her line about red in her ledger. The new Black Widow footage starts with a shot of Budapest (with location text over the scene in a similar style to Captain America: Civil War). It then focuses in on Natasha in a small city circle, then walking up the stars of an apartment building. Nat pulls her gun when a voice calls through the door of an apartment, "I know you're out there." Nat responds, "I know you know I'm out here."

Nat enters the apartment, there's a brief shot of a room filled with spy gadgets. She eventually comes face to face with Yelena, they're both holding they're guns at each other in identical poses. Nat suggests they talk like grown ups and Yelena tells her to put her gun down first. They start to fight, using classic Black Widow moves, mimicking each other. The fight is absolutely brutal, with both Natasha and Yelena using every weapon at their disposal including dish rags and kitchen knives. The scene cuts to after their fight, Nat says, "It's good to see you too, sis."

The footage then features a sizzle reel of quick cuts to a variety of scenes, one of Nat running along a mountain ridge in training gear, a motorcycle chase in what appears to be Budapest, and a shot of what seemed to be a group of Black Widows in the classic black jumpsuit. At the end of the footage, Natasha is confronted by villain Taskmaster on a bridge. He has the character's shield and mask from the comics, and he mimics all of her fighting moves, proving to be a formidable foe for Natasha.

Altogether, the Black Widow footage previewed a more grounded MCU movie, one rooted in practical fights and a deeper dive into Natasha's world of espionage. It's a far cry from the epics like Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, but with even Spider-Man: Far From Home promoting the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to a more global superhero, it could be a nice change of pace to go more grounded in Black Widow. Fans not in Hall H will get a chance to see the footage - or some of it, at least - once the first trailer arrives ahead of Black Widow hitting theaters in May 2020.

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