Chris Evans ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ if Black Widow Movie Happens

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris Evans believes a Black Widow movie annoucement is likely to happen. Scarlett Johansson has had a major role in the MCU for years as Black Widow, but has yet to see a solo movie, and Evans is hoping that will change soon. Johansson first debuted in Iron Man 2 but has since brought Widow back for four more appearances. Captain America: The Winter Soldier featured her most important role to date, though she was also a major contributor in Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Age of Ultron. But, any announcement of Black Widow becoming a movie franchise has not come.

So far, the closest to an announcement Marvel Studios has gotten was when Kevin Feige said that as a studio, Marvel is "committed" to a Black Widow standalone movie focusing on their most prominent female Avenger. Since then, the movie has only been backed with more support, and that now includes Captain America himself.

Elle spoke to Chris Evans and asked him why there has yet to be an announcement for Black Widow. While he does not have the power to make it a reality, it is something he thinks would do very well and would be surprised if it doesn't happen as the MCU continues.

That's a good question. It would really just clean up, wouldn't it? Scarlett [Johansson] is so good at everything she does. She's played such a crucial part in the other films. She always makes her presence so felt—even when there are 50 different superheroes running around onscreen. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens at some point in the future. I'm sure Scarlett would be open to it.

Black Widow

As of right now, Black Widow has not been confirmed to be a movie that Marvel Studios is actively developing. However, they are extremely busy at the moment working on the end of Phase 3 with Avengers 3 & 4 in production, alongside Black Panther, while Ant-Man & The Wasp is filming this summer and Captain Marvel early next year. There is simply no room or time to get Black Widow ready in the immediate future, but Phase 4 could be the eventual landing spot.

While it is far from guaranteed Widow makes it out of the next two Avengers films alive, she is a strong candidate to survive and Johansson's most recent comments have simply asked fans to wait until after these next two appearances before figuring out what the character will do next. She has even admitted in the past that the biggest obstacle for the Black Widow movie is simply timing, so once Marvel's production schedule becomes lighter and the final events of Phase 3 play out, the film's future should become more clear.

With Feige and Johansson continuing to tease the eventual announcement of a standalone film, it would be quite a shock for it to never come to fruition. Not only is Evans now behind it, but Anthony Mackie is hoping Falcon can appear and he would likely not be the only hero to make a cameo. Her standalone picture has also been backed by both directors and writers of Civil War, so it would ultimately be a big missed opportunity for Marvel not to capitalize on her popularity, while also further diversifying their franchises. Simply put, everyone appears to be in agreement with Evans, so any announcements for Phase 4 could prove big for Johansson's future as Black Widow.

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Source: Elle

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