Black Widow Movie Character Breakdowns Surface As Casting Begins

Character breakdowns for Black Widow have surfaced for Marvel Studios' upcoming Scarlett Johansson solo movie. Although it has been months since it was first reported that Natasha Romanoff would be receiving her own film, there is still not much known about it. With filming possibly beginning early next year, some new details tease what other characters could be featured alongside and against Black Widow.

Johansson's MCU spy has been a fan favorite for years, but it wasn't until Jac Schaeffer was hired to write the script earlier this year that signs of her solo movie really happening appeared. There have been rumors that the movie will be a bit of an origin story for Natasha. However, these reports have yet to be confirmed. Regardless of when it takes place, Marvel Studios is definitely making a Black Widow movie and have hired Cate Shortland to direct. She'll be the first solo female director in the MCU's second solo female movie. But, the question has remained, who else will appear?

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Thanks to a new report from That Hashtag Show, we finally have some clues on Black Widow's cast of characters. They've shared character breakdowns for the movie that feature descriptions for characters of various levels. The main villain, friends, foes, and supporting characters are all listed to gain a better understanding of what Black Widow will be. The main male villain is described as "exciting" with Marvel looking for someone in their 40s of any ethnicity. There are also two "contemporaries" - one male and one female - in their late 20s or early 30s. They are looking for an African, Middle Eastern, or East Indian actor for the male, while no specific ethnicity is listed for the "kick ass" female who is likened to a "female Bond." There's also a 50-60 year old European Caucasian female and male character, as well as another 50 year old "conniving female villain." Lastly, a "bookish American" in his late 20s is also among the cast.

Unlike some character breakdowns for other movies, there are not a ton of details to hold tight to with these Black Widow characters. THS speculates that The Red Guardian or Taskmaster could fit the bill of the villain. The contemporaries could be either friends or foes, which doesn't limit their possible outcomes. Jessica Drew or Yelena Belova could be matches for the female character. Marvel is also reportedly looking for people who can speak multiple languages for the contemporaries and older European roles, so that is something to factor in as well. These are rather mysterious breakdowns at the end of the day, so it may take fans a while to find the right comic-accurate pairings - if they're even known Marvel characters to begin with.

With these character breakdowns surfacing, it signals that casting is right around the corner. If it is going to start production in the first half of 2019, then some casting decisions could be made before the end of year potentially. But, if the process has just now started and given Marvel's wide net they appear to have cast for Black Widow, we could still be months away from Johansson getting some co-stars.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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