Sebastian Stan Would Love To Be In Black Widow Movie

Sebastian Stan hopes Winter Soldier will show up in Black Widow. While Marvel Studios is busy finishing up Phase 3, their also making plans for what Phase 4 and beyond will be. Most of their plans are still unconfirmed, but there's a few titles we know are on the way. One is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 - expected to hit theaters in early 2020 - and the other is the long-awaited solo movie for Scarlett Johansson. Black Widow finally got moving last year when Marvel hired a writer, but the story direction is still unknown.

Even though Natasha Romanoff could lead her own film in Phase 4, it doesn't mean that she survives Avengers 4. Fans have long thought a movie focusing on the earlier years of Widow is the way to go. But, her solo movie could also be an effort for Marvel to go smaller after Thanos' attack. Whatever story it tells, Sebastian Stan hopes Bucky can be a part of it.

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In an interview with BadTaste.It, Stan was asked if he'd want to reprise his role as Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier for Black Widow. His immediate response was, "Yeah, absolutely! Of course! I mean, anytime I’m ready." But, Stan expanded on why he's interested in seeing such a relationship get more screen time.

They have a very nice history in my opinion. It’s very intricate…the truth is he actually taught her in the comic books. He was a teacher to her. It’s all set during a specific, interesting time. The Cold War. It’s all a very… spy, thrillerish, noirish story…it would be very interesting to explore that on film. I would love if the do that. You know, I hope. Maybe they will.

Based on his comments, it appears that Stan too would like to see Black Widow explore some of her past missions. If that is the route they choose, then including Winter Soldier could be a no-brainer. Captain America: The Winter Soldier even references a mission where Bucky shot Natasha, and it came back into play during Captain America: Civil War when she seemed insulted that he didn't remember her. Having Stan appear in a period piece could also have him feature as an antagonist again, but, depending on what side Widow aligned herself with, they could also work together.

While taking both back to the past could work, there's potential for more excitement by placing it after Avengers 4. Chris Evans has indicated he's done playing Captain America after Phase 3, so its possible Bucky will become the new Cap. Even if not, it'd be easy to see the two assassin spies work together, and could take Black Widow on a more underground path. With a 2020 release reportedly in mind, this could just be where Bucky/Winter Soldier/White Wolf pops up next - especially if Stan gets his way.

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Source: BadTaste.It

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