14She Attacked Spider-Man To Steal His Spider-Gadgets

Black Widow and Spider-Man

Spider-Man can be very annoying. So can his secret identity, Peter Parker, for that matter. But that's no reason to stoop so low as to pilfer the kid's tech, Black Widow! Natasha is used to going after anything she thinks she needs to complete her mission, however, and

she'll do just about anything to get it, including stealing it from young Spidey.

Granted, if you count most of the instances where Natasha had a case of sticky fingers, it was usually for her mother country, not for her own personal gain. Since she was brainwashed to do so (more about that later), most of us can agree that she should be forgiven for stealing tech-- most of the time.

Her own tech is impressive enough as it is. In her gauntlets alone, the super spy has explosives, a taser, a grappling hook, knockout gas, a radio transmitter, and tear gas pellets. It might as well be the Marvel equivalent of Batman's utility belt.

Black Widow Marvel
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