Black Widow Is Still Alive

In recent storylines, Marvel Comics apparently killed off Black Widow and the Hulk, two of Marvel's flagship characters. The move came as a surprise, considering that both are major players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Hulk's death is already being undone, and now it seems that Black Widow was never actually dead.

When Captain America turned evil and became the head of HYDRA, the heroes of the Marvel Universe had to unite to stop him. While the Avengers and many others believed that Steve Rogers could be saved, Black Widow felt that Cap would rather die than have innocents murdered in his name. Black Widow trained a team of teenage superheroes called the Champions to assassinate Captain America. In the ensuing battle, Miles Morales (Spider-Man) was about to be killed before being saved at the last second by Black Widow. As a result, the Widow was slain by Captain America, a man she was once close friends with.

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The solicits for Tales of Suspense #104 confirms what many have long suspected to be true: Black Widow is still alive. Though how she survived remains a mystery, her return to the Marvel Universe is good news for the Soviet superspy and her fans. According to the solicits, her former lovers Hawkeye and Winter Soldier will finally find her, but it won't be clear if she will serve as an ally or as an enemy. It appears that Hawkeye and Winter Soldier will find her after traveling to a new Red Room. The Red Room is known as the location where young Natasha Romanoff was trained to become a deadly assassin for the KGB.


The idea that Black Widow could have somehow survived Secret Empire was first presented in Tales of Suspense #100, a comic book series that restarted the Captain America/Iron Man double feature title from the 1960s. This time, Tales of Suspense stars Hawkeye and Winter Soldier and puts them on a quest to unravel a mystery tied to Black Widow's past. As they begin their investigation, the pair uncover clues that suggest Black Widow may not be dead.

Black Widow's return was inevitable, especially since the long-rumored Black Widow movie may finally be moving forward and could be looking at a 2020 release date. Romanoff appears to be joining the list of comic book characters expected to return to the status quo just in time for Avengers: Infinity War.

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Tales of Suspense #104 goes on sale in April.

Source: Marvel

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