Who Will Be The Black Widow In Iron Man 2?

The Black Widow

Until recently, actress Emily Blunt was tagged to play the Black Widow in the Iron Man sequel.  It's currently being reported that she may have to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with Twentieth Century Fox's Gulliver's Travels, which she's already contracted to star in.  Now that leaves the question of who will be chosen to fill the Black Widow's black tights.

Hearing this, Dollhouse actress Eliza Dushku took her case public while doing an interview on the Howard Stern Show.  Dushku, who has both the look and the attitude to fit the role perfectly said to Howard Stern and his audience.

Dushku said:

"They're doing 'Iron Man 2,' and I'm so perfect for the Black Widow character, that they just need to get into it. They need to understand I just learned Russian because I had to play a Russian girl in 'Dollhouse.'"

She certainly seems to fit the bill, but you can't trust Hollywood logic in these matters.  Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Iron Man director John Favreau and Marvel are currently looking at smokey voiced, blonde Scarlett Johansson to fill in.

Although there's been no confirmation made about this EW also reports:

"...sources around Hollywood say Johansson has indeed met with the filmmakers and is interested in taking the role of Russian superspy Natasha Romanoff, who doubles as Black Widow."

Blunt's representatives are currently trying to resolve the scheduling conflicts, which isn't saying much.  Although if this could be resolved it won't really matter if everyone in the world is behind either Eliza or Scarlett. But in the case that things cannot be resolved, let's hope that Marvel keeps in mind Scarlett's last superhero film, The Spirit, was a complete flop.

Not that it matters what I think, but Scarlett Johansson seems like a terrible fit for the role of the Black Widow. She's cute, sexy and blonde, but she certainly doesn't have the presence to be the sort of dangerous badass that is the Black Widow.  For what it's worth, Eliza Dushku is edgy in the same way that whoever gets casted to play the Black Widow will need to be.

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