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Natalie Portman Black Swan trailer music video

Arguably the most anticipated movie until TRON: Legacy hits theaters is Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan. The film has been greeted with early rave reviews from nearly every person who has seen an advance screening. Fox Searchlight now presents a new music video that seconds as an updated trailer for the film, complete with flashy, frenetic shots set to intense music.

The marketing campaign has introduced Black Swan as a psychological thriller that keeps your heart beating. Aronofsky's style has always been unique, typically favoring an unconventional story that is twisted into an even more unconventional film. Yet, his most acclaimed film, The Wrestler, was also his least complex (in terms of form, at least). Black Swan appears to be right in the middle.

The first Black Swan trailer grew more intense as it progressed, peaking at an emotional ending that sent chills through my body. The new music video reinvigorates those chills, but the intensity is present from start to finish. It plays out like a trailer version of the viral website, I Just Want To Be Perfect. Each day, the site adds a short clip from the movie as a countdown to the December 3rd release date.

If you are still skeptical that Natalie Portman can be scary as all hell, you haven't seen this short video. Watch the flashy music video below, courtesy of Apple.




I didn't need any more reason to see Black Swan, but that moment at :50 mark in the music video has me wondering if Portman will jump from my dreams to my nightmares. She is one of the most charming, beautiful woman in Hollywood, in my opinion. Her petite frame and wide-ranging abilities on screen make her endlessly appealing. But Portman appears instantly believable in her insanely enraged mindset.

Coupled with a fantastic director, she has been heralded as the frontrunner for Best Actress at this year's Academy Awards. If her apparent rise to insanity in Black Swan is as enthralling as the trailers suggest, Portman may walk home with an Oscar.

Natalie Portman in Black Swan music video trailer

The other unseen star of Black Swan has been the music. We don't really know what it sounds like just yet, but Clint Mansell, who frequently collaborates with Aronofsky, explained some time ago that his inspiration was Tchaikovsky's original "Swan Lake". If the opening beat to this music video is a part of his original score, we may be in for yet another special soundtrack - did you honestly expect anything less, though?

Like the movies, there are no other original scores I look forward to more than Black Swan and TRON: Legacy. Snippets of Daft Punk's TRON: Legacy score have been presented in music videos similar to the one above, but Clint Mansell's Black Swan tracks have been kept under wraps. Murmurs on Twitter from other movie critics have been loaded with praise.

Music of Black Swan in music video

If the music video is any inclination of the drug-filled sexual encounter between Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan, we are in for one trippy scene. The entire movie will likely play tricks on your mind with flash cuts and optical illusions, but the music video is our closest look at the style of Black Swan and the high-powered dramatic attack the film offers.

Are you desperately awaiting the release of Black Swan or will you hold out to see how the masses feel about it?

Black Swan releases in limited theaters on December 3rd and opens wider over the following weekends.

Source: Apple

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