Z Nation Spinoff Black Summer Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix

Black Summer is getting a second season on Netflix. with production on the Z Nation prequel spinoff slated to begin next year in Canada.

Jaime King and Kelsey Flower in Black Summer Netflix

Black Summer, the spinoff of Z Nation, has been renewed for season 2 at Netflix. Premiering in 2014, and airing for five seasons, Z Nation was a post-apocalyptic mashup of genres that begins three years into a zombie apocalypse. In its early run, the show focused on a team of everyday individuals that had to transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California. There, a functioning lab waits for his blood. The journey is complicated not only by the hellscape that the characters have to navigate, but also the fact that the survivor of the plague carries a dark secret of his own. The series had striking comedic elements, even crossing over with Sharknado, and it was praised for its entertainment value. In late December of last year, Z Nation aired its final episode.

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Black Summer unfolds six weeks after the zombie apocalypse has begun. Jamie King plays Rose, a mother separated from her daughter. Stopping at nothing to find her daughter, Rose finds herself working alongside a band of refugees in North America. In contrast to Z Nation, its prequel offers a more traditional look at what life might be like during an invasion of the undead. Karl Schaefer, who co-created the original series and the spin-off, has said that Black Summer is intended to be scary. While Z Nation was a bit like The Walking Dead, infused with overt humor, Black Summer focuses more on scares. For fans who are fond of that approach, they’ll be happy to know the zombie drama will be returning for another round.

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According to ComicBook, Black Summer has been renewed for season 2. A return date has not yet been revealed, but production is reportedly due to begin next year in Alberta, Canada. Jamie King will be returning for season 2, as will cast members Justin Chu Cary and Christine Lee.

Behind the scenes, there is some change. John Hyams will serve as the sole showrunner for season 2. Previously, Hyams had shared the role with Schaefer, who will remain as an executive producer and writer on the series. Hyams has said in past interviews that he sees Black Summer as character-focused, noting how their struggles had certain parallels to real life issues like immigration.

Along with a positive reception from criticsBlack Summer was a hit with audiences during its first season. By some estimates, released by Netflix itself back in April, the show was the streaming service’s most-watched scripted series in the UK. While there is some debate over whether the show is a prequel, even from the actors themselves, there’s no denying that it will be welcomed back for season 2.

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Source: ComicBook

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