Justice League DP Recalls Filming Black Suit Superman

Justice League's director of photography has hazy memories of the recorded footage of Superman in his iconic black suit. It's been nearly a month since the big DCEU team-up hit theaters, underwhelming critics and fans alike. Justice League certainly has its fans, but they weren't enough for the film to become the box office smash it was expected to be. It's still unclear whether the movie will actually end up losing money for Warner Bros. studio in the long run. (The mixed to negative reviews certainly haven't helped its cause.) But for all its flaws, the film isn't without its strengths.

Infamous CGI lip aside, the reborn Superman is certainly one of the bright spots in Justice League. Brimming with hope, optimism, and fully capable of smiling, Henry Cavill's third DCEU appearance was warmly received. Rumors and fan theories regarding how the Man of Steel would return from the dead were all over the place in the months leading up to Justice League's release. And though it was never confirmed, many were hoping to see Superman make his big comeback while sporting his famous black suit, as he did when he returned from the grave in Man of Steel #25. That didn't happen obviously, though it has been confirmed that Cavill was wearing the suit at one point, at least.

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Justice League's director of photography, Fabian Wagner, confirmed a few days ago that black suit Superman scenes were filmed. In a more recent interview with Collider, however, Wagner may have backtracked a bit. Read on to see what he had to say about the deleted black suit scenes:

Yeah you know actually, to be totally honest I just can’t remember if we were shooting it as a test or if we were actually shooting it as a full scene with the suit. I definitely shot it, but I just can’t remember if it was more of a test or a full scene. But definitely seeing the black costume was great. So I’m not 100% sure whether that would have been in the movie anyhow.

Wagner seemed pretty clear in his previous interview with Inverse that he had filmed actual scenes of black suit Superman, not merely test footage. It's possible that he was simply misremembering the first time around (or even that he was misquoted), so he was looking to clarify things in his interview with Collider. It's also very possible that if he was asked to backtrack a bit to take the focus off of the reshoots and deleted footage. Either way, this black suit Supes mystery isn't going away just yet.

By all accounts, Justice League made for a pretty chaotic shoot. Wagner himself was unable to return for Joss Whedon's reshoots, so he worked exclusively on the Zack Snyder version. The numerous changes that were made to the movie during the reshoot process have proven to be the biggest talking point of all, with more than a few fans wishing the Snyder had gotten the opportunity to see his vision through to the end. Whether or not we'll ever see his version (you know, the one with the black suit) is unclear.

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Source: Collider, Inverse

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