Black Sails Final Season Trailer: The End Is About To Begin

Black Sails Starz Season 4 Trailer

All good things must come to an end, and Starz seems more than ready to give their pirate drama, Black Sails, a magnificent send off. Fans have been given three seasons with each progressively better than the one before it as we followed the Urca de Lima gold. Starz broke the mold with Black Sails by skipping the kitsch and giving viewers a well written, violent slice of what early Caribbean colonization looked like.

After announcing the sleeper hit would be ending with this upcoming fourth season, Starz has slowly trickled new pieces of information about what fans can expect with the fourth season of Black Sails. Kicking off with a teaser declaring there wasn't a good man among the band of pirates aiming to take back Nassau, an unknown voice gives cautionary advice on how best to deal with bad men. More recently, season 4 key art dropped a stunning poster that seems to say the coveted gold will be the death of them all.

Starz has released the first full trailer for what looks to be a bloody final season. Partnerships in Black Sails have never been on solid ground, and as expected, the trailer above shows that many of them will not make it to the finale. Losing Charles Vane in the third season was a mighty blow whose reverberations were felt across the seas, where his name is invoked to rally pirates against the crown.

Black Sails Starz Season 4 Trailer Flint

Not many new characters are shown in the new trailer, which could mean the whole focus of season 4 is to wrap up loose ends and give a great deal of attention to the characters with whom the audience is already attached. With Black Sails being a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, one can guess where the story will end and who will go on to be a living legend. But there's still a ways to go before we get to the events of the book, leaving ample time to enjoy the ride.

One (of the many) highlight of the trailer is Billy Bones (Tom Hopper) confronting Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) over the direction he's moving the pirate agenda. Late in season 2, Billy once praised John Silver (Luke Arnold) for possessing great power without knowing he had it; now it looks like Billy has finally decided to make use of the power he too has amassed. Another stand out is how well Governor Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) seems to have recovered from his sickness in time to doggedly thwart all plans of a pirate paradise.

If the trailer is any indication, Black Sails promises to throw familiarity out the window and give its fans a robust and masterfully detailed adventure one last time.

Black Sails returns for its 4th and final season on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Source: Starz

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