Black Sails Cast: Where You Can Watch Them Now

Fans grew to love the crew of Black Sails over the course of 4 seasons, but where can they see the cast of the show now? Black Sails was a historical epic detailing the frequently bloody misadventures of a pirate crew. The show also acted as something of a prequel to Robert Louse Stevenson’s Treasure Island and detailed the origin story of “Long” John Silver. While the series featured lots of cinematic action and adventure, it was the complex characters that drew in audiences.

Starz' epic show also acted as something of a history lesson, with real-life characters and conflicts depicted. Black Sails cast formed a great ensemble and while the series ended in 2017 after 4 seasons, the door was left slightly open for future spinoffs. While time will tell if the surviving crew ever set sail again, the cast has since moved on to other projects.

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Here’s what the Black Sails cast have been up to since the show’s end.

Toby Stephens

Black Sails Season 4 Trailer

British actor Toby Stephens was best known for playing villain Gustav Graves in 2002’s Bond adventure Die Another Day until Black Sails brought him a new fanbase as Captain Flint. Flint evolved into a fascinating and flawed character over the course of the show, and the actor has been keeping busy since Black Sails ended. He plays the lead role of John Robinson in Netflix’s remake of Lost In Space and recently starred alongside Gerard Butler in action thriller Hunter Killer.

Luke Arnold

Australian actor Luke Arnold played “Long” John Silver in Black Sails and while some fans hope to see a spinoff adaptation of Treasure Island someday, the showrunners have cast doubt on this happening. Arnold has since featured in Heather Graham comedy Half Magic, in addition to appearing in season 2 of CBS show Salvation and a guest role on Lethal Weapon.

Hannah New

Black Sails Season 4 Eleanor Max

English actress Hannah New played Eleanor Guthrie on Black Sails, who owned a tavern on New Providence Island. Prior to joining the Black Sails cast, New appeared as Princess Aurora’s mother Queen Leila in Maleficent and Louisa on vampire series The Strain. Since Black Sails finished she has appeared in real-life kidnapping drama Trust, which may return for a second season.

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Toby Schmitz

Australian actor Toby Schmitz played Jack Rackham on Black Sails and Schmitz has since moved on to the dark miniseries Blue Murder: Killer Cop and black comedy Book Week.

Clara Paget

black sails anne bonny

English actress Clare Paget played Anne Bonny on Black Sails and was best known for a supporting part in Fast & Furious 6 before the show. Paget will appear in upcoming thriller House Red and recently played a supporting part on action series Strike Back.

Zach McGowan

Zach McGowan’s Charles Vane is arguably considered everyone's favorite character on Black Sails. Following Vane’s demise during season 3, American actor McGowan has moved on to recurring roles in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and The Walking Dead, plus a starring role in straight to DVD action film The Scorpion King: Book Of Souls.

Jessica Parker Kennedy

Jessica Parker Kennedy Black Sails

Since her main role as Max on Black Sails, Canadian actress Jessica Parker Kennedy has appeared in acclaimed Netflix horror Cam and currently plays Nora West-Allen on The Flash.

Tom Hopper

After finishing his run as Billy Bones in Black Sails, English actor Tom Hopper has played Dickon Tarly on Game Of Thrones season 7 and most recently Luther Hargreeves on Netflix’s superhero drama The Umbrella Academy.

Ray Stevenson

Ray Stevenson Blackbeard Black Sails

Northern Irish star Ray Stevenson is probably best remembered for his leading roles in 2008’s Punisher: War Zone and Rome, and he’s had a prolific career outside of Blackbeard on Black Sails. Since the show ended, Stevenson (briefly) reprised Volstagg in Thor: Ragnarok and played the main villain in Dave Bautista action movie Final Score.

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