The King Arrives in New Black Panther TV Spot

The King arrives in a new TV Spot for Black Panther. With less than two weeks before Black Panther is released in theaters, the wait is finally nearly over. With record breaking pre-sales and a sky high domestic projection for the box office, the movie is sure to be a massive success, and early social media reactions indicate that Black Panther is very deserving.

While Black Panther was of course introduced in Captain America: Civil War, very little of his home life or his role as a hero were explained. Because T'Challa was a hero before he was ever seen on the screen and already did a number of very heroic things in that movie, this film is anything but an origin story. However, there will be numerous characters, technologies, locations, and information being introduced to the MCU. And while the movie does not tell the story of T'Challa's first days as a hero, an earlier trailer indicates that his origin as the King of Wakanda will be explored.


In the latest TV Spot released by Marvel, T'Challa returns home as the King, a role he did not have until the death of his father in Civil War. Balancing being the king and being a hero would be hard enough under normal circumstances. But when you are the king of the secret and technologically advanced Wakanda, and facing down a villain like Erik Killmonger, T'Challa is sure to find that his life as king is far more challenging than he ever expected.

While sometimes TV spots focus their short amount of time on a single character or element of the story, this one covers a lot of ground. Clips show numerous parts of Wakanda and quite a bit of the various technologies they have there. While the characters seen most in the spot are T'Challa and his teenage sister Shuri - no surprise since she created much of the tech seen in the ad - there are also clips of Killmonger and the women of the Dora Milaje.

While the movie does have some very loud detractors, this TV spot - as well as the previews that came before - shows a film that is rich in interesting characters, makes good use of its special effects, promises a lot of fun action sequences, looks to have a few laughs sprinkled throughout, and generally appears to be a welcome addition to the MCU. The King is about to arrive, and his arrival is very welcome indeed.


Source: Marvel

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