Black Panther Empire Cover Highlights T'Challa's Vibranium Suit

The latest issue of Empire puts Black Panther front and center, offering the best look yet at T'Challa's new suit in the upcoming film. From its first teaser, it's been clear that Black Panther will do more than open up a new corner of the MCU. The Wakandan setting of the film will allow Marvel to explore cultures and technologies never before seen on the big screen, finally brining the fabled land of the comics to a wider audience. Already, the unique blockbuster is generating tons of buzz online and early tracking indicates Black Panther will have a massive opening.

With less than two months before Black Panther arrives in theaters, the marketing for the film has been ramping up with new images and TV spots. The latest look at Black Panther debuted yesterday, and it's been swiftly followed by more glimpses at next year's epic solo movie. We've already seen the Black Panther-centric subscriber cover of Empire, beautifully distilling the film into a mosaic in the shape of T'Challa's superhero visage. But for those simply looking to grab the latest issue, they'll get an exciting look at the title character as well.

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Empire has released their newsstand cover for the latest issue, which continues its focus on Black Panther. While the first cover we saw was more ethereal and artistic, this one offers a detailed look at T'Challa's upgraded suit in the film. The magazine also comes with some new images from the movie, which you can also check out below.

The most recent trailer for Black Panther offered audiences their first look at the new costume in action, which uses nano-technology to form around T'Challa. The purple details, meanwhile, seem to be part of a larger system of tech designed by Shuri, as we see the same lines and color scheme in a car T'Challa's sister is driving. We also know the seemingly special suit won't be one of a kind, as Killmonger will get his hands on a gold-accented one at some point and use it against Black Panther.

Presaging that throw down, the two images from the issue show T'Challa in his original costume in the scene where he takes on a group of enemies early in the movie. We then see the king come face to face with Killmonger after the latter is captured, which appears to all be part of the villain's plan. As is the case with most modern blockbusters, all of the images, spots, and trailers so far have sketched out most of the film's beats—but hopefully a few surprises remain.

One mystery was teased this weekend, as it looks like Kendrick Lamar will be on the Black Panther soundtrack. His latest music video teased the track, continuing the film's usage of modern hip hop stars to bring the world of Wakanda to life. Both the song and possibly an additional trailer should be right around the corner as we head into the final stretch before Black Panther hits theaters.

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Source: Empire

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