New Black Panther TV Spots Boast of Critical Raves

Critics are showering the upcoming Marvel movie Black Panther with praise in a pair of new TV spots for the film. Nearly two years after the character's debut in Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther is finally about to be unleashed in his own solo movie this Friday. Featuring the charismatic Chadwick Boseman in his second turn as T'Challa, aka Black Panther, the Black Panther solo film completes a long trek to the big screen after Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced the character more than five decades ago in Fantastic Four #52 in July 1966.

Naturally, Black Panther has already screened for some industry personnel as well as critics, as Disney and Marvel kicked off its full-blown marketing campaign for the film in the past month. Early reactions to the film were overwhelmingly positive, and the film has already been certified "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes with its aggregate score as of this writing standing at a stunning 97 percent.

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Now, with about five days before Black Panther's massive domestic release on 3,800 screens, a pair of TV spots is touting the across-the-board acclaim from the nation's top critics. Featuring Black Panther free-falling from the sky, the camera swoops to the open air below him to show the names of several publications praising the film, from EW, Rolling Stone and Vulture to Deadline, The Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

The shot then turns to T'Challa, who simply says, "I am ready," which is followed by non-stop action scenes from the film along with quotes from some of the critics about the film. The second spot shows the names of the publications from a different vantage point, and highlights even more of the action.

Of course, positive critical blurbs accompanying TV spots is common practice in the marketing of any film, but the fact that so many reviewers are raving about Black Panther definitely signals that movie viewers are in for something special. The hype has been generating for Black Panther for some time now, and a positive indicator that it was going to be big came when it became the fastest selling superhero film in ticket pre-sales last month. Given the early interest in the film, it should come as no surprise that Black Panther is poised to make $150 million in its opening frame on its way to an estimated $400 million domestic run when all is said and done.

For the time being, it looks like an attempt by disgruntled trolls to alter the perception of the film has been thwarted, and so long as there isn't such a sharp divide between positive critical notices and disappointed fans (remember Star Wars: The Last Jedi?), Black Panther appears to be headed toward a long and healthy box office run.

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