Black Panther's Backup Gets the Spotlight in "Entourage" TV Spot

Take a new look at Black Panther via a freshly released TV spot that highlight's T'Challa's entourage. There is a different level of anticipation for the Ryan Coogler film, and not just because it's a Marvel Studios production or because T'Challa stole scenes in Captain America: Civil War. Much of the excitement for the film is because it represents something socially, especially at a time when equal racial rights and proper representation in Hollywood is such a hot topic of discussion. Having this film with a cast of brilliant black actors, a black director, black producer (Nate Moore), and is about a highly-technological (fictional) nation in South Africa, further pushes the campaign about race awareness.

Coming home after his father's sudden death, T'Challa must prove to Wakanda and its citizens that he is worthy to be their king and protector. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done with external factors plaguing the country and threatening their peace. The newly appointed leader, however, will find loyal allies that help him overcome his first crisis as the leader of Wakanda, and ensure his people are safe from any danger, be it from inside or outside their territory.

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Marvel Entertainment's official YouTube account uploaded a new promo spot for Black Panther, focusing the spotlight on the king of Wakanda's retinue. Clocking in at just 30 seconds, we see T'Challa attending some sort of international function, escorted by members of the Dora Milaje including Okoye and Nakia. The video also gives us glimpses of his sister, Shuri, as well as his mother Ramonda, doing the traditional greetings to the king with both arms crossed over the chest. You can watch the full spot above.

It's safe to say that while there will be no more full trailers from here on until the film is out, there will be a plethora of bite-sized promos on TV that could potentially reveal more than what we want before seeing the film. Thus far, however, Marvel Studios has been holding back when it comes to sharing any more plot points for the film, which is perfectly encapsulated in this most recent spot. The clip, although including some never-before-seen scenes from Black Panther, focused on the action during the supposed South Korea chase scene which is possibly the aftermath of that casino sequence we have seen in some of the flick's previously released footage.

Fans won't have to wait that much longer to know what Black Panther will bring to the massive MCU mythos, with less than a month before it hits theaters. Most of the buzz coming out from the film is positive, reflected on its impressive box office opening projection that could pass Spider-Man: Homecoming's $117 million to collect a whopping $120 million -- $30 million more from initial tracking of $90 million. We expect that hype for the movie will only continue to flourish in the coming weeks as the cast and crew embark on various promotional activities around the globe.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment

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