What's The Song In The Black Panther Trailer?

A new Black Panther trailer has dropped, giving fans a grander taste of what Ryan Coogler's brought to Wakanda - as well as a couple of great songs. But what are they?

The new trailer is pretty amazing, really expanding the world of Wakanda from what we've seen before - it's clear King T'Challa has a lot more tech than just the one suit - and showcasing a lot of cool action: a highlight has to be Klaue firing on Panther, who leaps up and runs sideways across the building.

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But what about the music? That's one of the most striking things and will surely have Marvel fans the world over humming "the revolution will be live". Let's take a look.

The Songs in the New Trailer

Yes, it's "songs", plural. The trailer opens with Vince Staples' "BagBak", which you can feel from the very first notes and verbal "aha's" after Everett Ross' opening lines. Here's the full song:

This plays over the first minute or so of the trailer, but once we get to Killmonger's plot it shifts a beat and we shift to Gil Scott-Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". While it may at first seem like a cover of Scott-Heron's take, it's actually a remix of his classic ballad with adjusted tuning and his voice put over Staples' beat. An isolated remix is sure to emerge soon, but for now here's the original track:

The Song in The First Trailer

Despite only having two officially released trailers, Black Panther's already marked itself out for its striking music choice. The first teaser back in June was scored to Run The Jewels' "Legend Has It", which caught fans' attention for its repetition of central lyrics "step into the spotlight". Give the full thing a listen below:

Run the Jewels have been tweeting out Marvel-releated messages for the past few days, leading to hype for a trailer with a score from their music. That's clearly not the case - although they could have been involved in the new look's remix.


Of course, the trailer's more than just music. It's focused heavily on that action, but there are a lot of interesting plot and structure reveals hidden in there. Stick with Screen Rant for a full breakdown of everything we learned hitting soon.

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