New Black Panther Sneak Peek Coming Next Week

A brand new sneak peek for Black Panther will arrive next week during the College Football Playoff National Championship airing on ESPN.

A brand new sneak peek for Black Panther is coming next week. Chadwick Boseman is all geared up for his full and official superhero debut as the king and protector of the fictional nation of Wakanda. The movie, directed by Ryan Coogler, boasts a stellar cast, mostly made up of prolific actors of color in line with how the nation appears in the Marvel Universe comics.

Opening Marvel Studios' 10th year in the movie-making business is the much-anticipated flick. And somehow, it feels apt since we can expect the now king of Wakanda will assume a leadership role in the MCU moving forward after some of the principal cast members such as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America have passed the baton to the second wave of superheroes inhabiting the franchise. With its debut just a little bit over a month from now, Disney's marketing machine is ramping up to make sure that fans and the general moviegoing audience are aware of its roll-out.

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A recently released TV spot announces that a fresh look at Black Panther will debut next week, Monday January 8 at 8pm during the College Football Playoff National Championship airing on ESPN. The clip does not show much in terms of new footage but instead highlights what's coming. Most of the scenes used in it have been included in past trailers, including T'Challa's line: "What happens now determines what happens to the rest of the world."

It only makes sense that Marvel Studios will be releasing another Black Panther sneak peek considering that the film will arrive in theaters next month and Disney is trying to market the project as much as they can. Given that this is a brand new property joining the MCU, casual moviegoers who are outside the geek culture bubble may not be informed that the character is coming out with his debut standalone. Thus far, the movie only has two trailers (although the first one is tagged as a teaser trailer) coupled with a handful of TV spots and an international trailer. Despite that, the trailers have shown enough footage we're afraid cutting a brand new teaser that has enough new scenes will reveal too much about Black Panther's story. However, if they do roll out a full two-minute clip, and show nothing more but reverse angle shots or even extended cuts of previously released clips, then perhaps Marvel Studios can get away with a new trailer that won't feel disappointing.

Otherwise, there's also the possibility that the sneak peek will not be in trailer form but just a promotional video. Both Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-Man: Homecoming had released shorter documentary-style clips where the actors and other people involved in the projects talk about their role making the movie. Whatever it is, let's just hope that Marvel won't go all out with including new scenes as people are already pumped up about Black Panther. If anything, what they have to do is just continuously keep the hype train going until Black Panther is ready roll out.

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