Black Panther: T'Challa & Killmonger Have 'Xavier/Magneto Chemistry'

The relationship between T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) in Marvel's Black Panther will apparently be very reminiscent of Professor X and Magneto's from the X-Men comics and films. While Black Panther is shaping up to be one of the most interesting films that Marvel Studios have ever released for a number of reasons, the film's unique lineup of villains has quickly emerged as one of its more exciting aspects. That's in no doubt thanks to both the title character's complex villain gallery from the comics and the talented actors that have been hired to bring them to life.

In addition to Andy Serkis' conniving Ulysses Klaue, the film also features Jordan as Erik Killmonger, one of T'Challa's most iconic villains from the comic books - a man that is not only a contender for the throne of Wakanda, but who also believes he would make a better king than Boseman's T'Challa ever could.

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While speaking with EW about Black Panther this past weekend - following Marvel's presentation for the film at this year's San Diego Comic-Con - Jordan teased what Killmonger's dynamic with T'Challa will be like:

“Me and T’Challa have two totally different approaches to the throne as well and you see those two opposing sides clash. So you can call it a Magneto/Professor X type of chemistry. That’s all I can give away.”

There's been a lot of talk about the villains in Black Panther over the past few weeks - ever since the Black Panther teaser trailer was released online - and it's not hard to see why. After all, in less than just two minutes, Marvel had sold Killmonger, Klaue, and Winston Duke's M'Baku as separate, dangerous forces for T'Challa to contend with in the film, with Killmonger being at the very center of that particular conflict.

Considering that Marvel Studios has had a consistent problem with lackluster villains in their films over the years, the talented cast and creative talent behind this particular MCU film all point towards Black Panther being one of the few exceptions to that rule. With a rivalry that not stems from jealousy or cliches either, but rather a belief that he would make the better ruler of a nation they both love, Killmonger looks to be one of the more ideologically-based villains Marvel has ever brought to life on the big screen - and as a result, (hopefully) one of the studio's best.

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Source: EW

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