Stan Lee Congratulates Marvel & Ryan Coogler On Black Panther Success

Stan Lee took to Twitter on Tuesday to personally congratulate Marvel Studios and director Ryan Coogler for the massive early success of Black Panther. The Chadwick Boseman-starring movie is already one of the greatest successes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, beating The Avengers' four-day record in its opening weekend at the box office. Likewise, the overwhelming majority of critics have praised Black Panther for its riveting story, memorable performances, and unique handling of a superhero tale compared to the rest of the MCU.

Coogler and others involved with Black Panther have been showered with praise for delivering one of the MCU's greatest triumphs, from both their colleagues within Marvel and in other circles of Hollywood. Now, it will be hard for the director to earn higher praise than the congratulations he's gotten from the top - from Stan Lee himself.

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Quoting a congratulatory tweet from Disney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger, Lee tweeted his own message of congratulations for both Coogler and Marvel Studios to his Twitter account on Tuesday. Sharing Iger's sentiment that the "world has embraced" Black Panther, Lee described the movie as "dynamic" and "thoughtful" as he celebrated its smash success, especially with its record-breaking box office numbers.

Congratulations @marvelstudios, #RyanCoogler, and the entire cast & crew on the soaring success of Black Panther! What a thrill it is to be able to witness all the records this dynamic, thoughtful movie is smashing. #BlackPanther #WakandaForever

— stan lee (@TheRealStanLee) February 21, 2018

Lee is without question one of the most prominent figures to personally congratulate Coogler and Marvel on Black Panther, but he's far from the first. Actor Will Smith recently posted a heartfelt message about the movie on Instagram, while Chris Pratt also praised the "thought-provoking" film. Coogler's peers, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and Guardians of the Galaxy's James Gunn, also congratulated him. Even former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are among those to comment publicly on how much they enjoyed the movie.

Congratulations from Lee on Twitter aren't unprecedented, but it's exceptionally rare. Lee also congratulated Scott Derrickson for the success of Doctor Strange in 2016. Can't say the same for recent releases like Thor: Ragnarok or Spider-Man: Homecoming, though. Maybe he's just particularly proud of first installments in the MCU. Either way, to get this kind of message from Marvel's biggest figurehead in the first place is perhaps the highest compliment Coogler, and everyone else who made Black Panther a reality, could possibly get.

Black Panther has soared so tremendously in just one week at the box office, it's even beating records set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens at this point. The amount of praise it's also earned from those in the industry feels unprecedented and groundbreaking. You almost have to fear that a backlash is inevitable for Coogler's film. But for now, the director can enjoy the fact that he's created what will inevitably be one of the most successful superhero movies of all time.

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Source: Stan Lee

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