Black Panther's Composer on How He Made the Film's Complex Oscar-Nominated Score

Watch Black Panther composer Ludwig Goransson talk about working on creating the Academy Award-nominated score for the film. It's been a year since the superhero film directed by Ryan Coogler hit theaters and in light of the nearing Oscars, where it's up for multiple categories including Best Original Score and Best Picture, Marvel Studios is continuing its campaign for the film's chances.

Starring Chadwick Boseman as the prince-turned-king of Wakanda, T'Challa, the film debuts the technologically-advanced African nation after it was first teased in the post-credit scene for 2016's Captain America: Civil War. Black Panther boasts an ensemble cast composed of predominantly African-American actors - from rising stars like Letitia Wright (Shuri) and Winston Duke (M'Baku) to industry veterans like Forest Whitaker (Zuri) and Angela Bassett (Queen Ramonda). Grossing a total of $1.3 billion at the global box office and breaking multiple records, the film was both a hit with the masses and critics. After winning in the SAG Awards for Best Cast, Marvel Studios is now setting its sights in nabbing several hardware at the upcoming Academy Awards.

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Posted on Black Panther's official Twitter account is a behind-the-scenes clip with commentaries from Coogler, Goransson and even Magette, who is the drummer on the film's score. The more than three-minute video offers fans a peek on the work that went behind the movie's music. Many were impressed in the comments section with the revelation that Goransson actually spent time in Africa as part of his work on the movie - some of them thanking those involved in making sure that the movie is as authentic as possible. Watch the full video below:

Considering how Coogler had to create a nation that is supposedly located in Africa, the filmmaker and his team, including Goransson, made sure that every detail was tailored for the feel and narrative that they wanted the movie to have. The fact that the composer spent weeks in Africa to make sure that the film sounds as authentic as possible is commendable - especially since the MCU usually gets flak for its boring and forgettable scores. Aside from Alan Silvestri's The Avengers theme, people aren't familiar with the franchise's music. However,  things were different with Black Panther. Once those drums started in the middle of Avengers: Infinity War, fans immediately knew that the film was going to Wakanda.

With Black Panther and even Infinity War producing great scores for the MCU, perhaps the franchise can pay more attention to their music moving forward - not just because for the possibility of getting some love during awards season, but also for a better viewing experience for their loyal fan base. While the Coogler-directed movie has a strong narrative, seeing it in theaters was a holistic experience with both its visuals (proven by its Oscar nominations for Best Production Design and Best Costume Design) and sounds brilliantly elevating its storytelling.

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