16 Shadiest Things Black Panther Has Ever Done

The character of Black Panther stands as one of the most loyal heroes of the Marvel Universe. Committed to the betterment of his country of Wakanda and its people, he does his best to keep their interests in mind. Not only does he vehemently protect his country - he also strives to ensure it will have a bright future for generations to come. Educated in various forms of combat, strategies, and technologies, the Black Panther serves as a distinguished representative of the throne of Wakanda and her people.

Though considered one of the more honorable heroes of Marvel, Black Panther has made his share of mistakes over the years. Granted, he has not committed heinous crimes such as murder, however, he has come very close to compromises his integrity to satisfy his own needs (and pride). Surprisingly, there have been a few instances where murder was not out of the question. Sometimes being too proud can really get you into trouble. In this article, we will explore some of Black Panther’s lower points in his history in Marvel Comics. Though not all of his mistakes have been too severe, they still lead us to question some of his choices in his life.

From nearly killing his one-time friend to abandoning the loves of his life, here are the 16 Most Despicable Things Black Panther Has Ever Done.

16 He Used The Fantastic Four As Fight Practice Dummies

Black Panther Fantastic Four Fight

The first introduction to Black Panther showed him as a powerful and proud leader. With his interests focused on the advancement of his people, T’Challa always made decisions that would put the welfare of his people first. After obtaining the title of Black Panther, he decided to test his strength to ensure he would be a worthy warrior for his country. However, he did not engage in practice fights with members of his kingdom.

He decided, instead, to invite the Fantastic Four to Wakanda as practice dummies in Fantastic Four issue #52! In order to test his skills for an upcoming battle with Klaw, he took down each member one by one just to see if he could! Not the politest way to make a formal introduction to your future allies.

15 Threw Deadpool out the window

Black Panther Throws Deadpool Out Of A Window

It is kind of alarming to think about the number of people that have actually tried to kill Deadpool. Between his enemies, allies, and partners, numerous characters have tried to end the life of the Merc with A Mouth.

Add to that list a deadly attempt by the Wakandan king Black Panther. In Deadpool vol 4 issue #15, the sarcastic assassin wanted to see for himself how powerful Ulysses really was. He broke into the Ultimates headquarters but was eventually discovered by Black Panther.

Beaten to nearly an inch of his life, the fight ended when Black Panther threw him out of a window! After being tossed out like yesterday’s trash, Deadpool noted that Black Panther was yet another hero he did not care for. You think?

14 He Only Joined The Avengers To Spy On Them

Black Panther Joins The Avengers

Black Panther eventually left the confines of Wakanda to begin his life as a hero with various characters of the Marvel Universe. Most notably, he became a member of the heralded Avengers.

Though he became a mainstay within the group itself, his initial intentions for joining the group were not that honorable. He eventually joined the group in The Avengers #52 with other aims in mind. He planned to spy on them and assess their true skill levels. Wary of greedy enemies and alleged “allies” that lived outside of Wakanda, he used his newfound trust to gain access into the group to investigate their intentions. However, he soon learned that Captain American and his teammates were indeed on the side of good and did what they could for the betterment of society.

He eventually abandoned his espionage plan and accepted them as his friends.

13 Broke Up with His First Fiancée Without Explanation

Black Panther Breaks Up With Monica Lynne

Though Storm is the most recognizable partner in Black Panther’s life, his first love was actually a woman named Monica Lynne. The two first met when she saved him from drowning after an encounter with Killmonger. He also saved her from an insidious plot by the Sons of the Serpent. The two eventually began dating and fell in love.

In fact, T’Challa proposed to her and made plans to marry her. The two, however, were not meant to be and Black Panther called off the engagement. Unfortunately, he never gave her a real reason why.

In a very “it’s not you, it’s me” move, he broke up with Monica to pursue other personal interests. Monica was heartbroken and never fully recovered from their relationship.

12 Became A Puppet For Doctor Doom

Black Panther Doctor Doom Marvel 2099

Known for his dedication to his people, Black Panther has always made decisions that not only benefit his country but the safety of his people as well. Though he may have joined numerous hero groups over the course of his years, his commitment to Wakanda has hardly ever faltered.

During the events of Marvel Knights 2099: Black Panther issue #1, however, readers got a glimpse into a version of Black Panther with some questionable loyalties. In this alternative universe, K'Shamba reigned as the current Black Panther of Wakanda. Doctor Doom attacked the country and killed many of his people. However, Black Panther faced the villain bravely and eventually defeated him, bringing an end to his invasion of the county.

In the end, however, readers were shocked to find out that the fight has all been a ruse and K'Shamba actually served Doctor Doom.

11 He Voted to Shoot The Hulk Into Space

Black Panther Illuminati

Known for his brilliant technological and strategical mind, Black Panther made for the perfect candidate to join the Illuminati, Marvel’s team of intelligent heroes. In one of his early meetings with the new team, the heroes were faced with the ongoing problem of the Hulk. Informed by Maria Hill that immediate actions needed to be taken to stop the Hulk’s destruction, the Illuminati brainstorm solutions to stop him.

In a surprising decision, they conclude the best way to deal with the Hulk was to shoot him into space. Wow! As they vote on their heartless plan, there are two hold-outs: Charles Xavier and Namor. That’s right, Black Panther was down to send his friend into space to get S.H.I.E.L.D. off of their backs. What these heroes won’t do to save the world, huh?

10 He Tried to Manipulate His Own Future By Saving His Future Self

Black Panther Happy Pants Version

Though Black Panther is usually focused on the well-being of others first, he once tried to use his powers for the benefit for his own future. After using the time-manipulating relics King Solomon's Frogs, he inadvertently created an alternative version of himself.

Varying greatly in demeanor and personality, this futuristic “Happy Pants” version of Black Panther suffered from a terminal brain aneurysm. Since this version was from 10 years into his future, Black Panther realized he was destined to meet the same fate. In a desperate try to manipulate his own future, he cryogenically froze this version of himself in an effort to save him.

Incidentally, this was the real reason behind his eventual breakup with Monica Lynne - though he never revealed the truth to her. Honestly, would she have believed him if he told the truth?

9 He Agreed To Brainwashing Captain America

Illuminati Brainwash Captain America

Given his initial experience with the Illuminati, no one expected Black Panther to team-up with the group again. However, surprisingly, T’Challa was the one to reform the group for his own plans.

During the events of New Avengers, the team decided to bring an end to the Incursions that were destroying parallel universes. With the use of the Infinity Gauntlet, they managed to stop the destruction of one universe but subsequently lost the Infinity Gems in the process. The team developed new strategies to halt the Incursions that were very dubious in nature. With Captain America a part of the team, however, they would never get him to agree to their plans.

Their solution? Brain-wash Steve, with the use of Doctor Strange’s magic, so he forgot their discussions and left the group.

8 Drove one of his Dora Milaje Crazy

The history of the Dora Milaje has been problematic from the start. Known as both the wives-in-training and bodyguards for the king, their roles as concubines made many readers very uncomfortable. In fact, this aspect of their history was removed from the world of the upcoming Black Panther movie, thankfully.

In the comics, however, Black Panther promised his that he had no intention of seeking any physical relationships with them. Unfortunately, he broke this promise and kissed Nakia, one of the members of his guard. Though he was misled to do so under the influence of Mephisto, his affections tapped into her secret crush on her king. She became obsessed with him and attempted to kill his girlfriend, Monica Lynne, by ejecting her out of a plane.

Black Panther banished her from his guard for her crime. She later turned into the villain Malice thanks to Killmonger. Yeah, love hurts.

7 He Annulled His marriage With Storm Without Telling Her

Storm and Black Panther marriage

The history between Storm and Black Panther dated back to his days as a young man training to become the next ruler of Wakanda. During a walkabout, he received help from a young Ororo and eventually fell for her. However, his dedication to throne far exceeded his love for Storm, so they parted ways. Years later, the two rekindled their romance and eventually wed.

By the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, the two spouses found each other on opposite sides of the fight. The people of Wakanda found Storm's decision to support her colleagues over her tribe unforgivable. Black Panther decided that this betrayal was enough to end their marriage and ceremoniously annulled the marriage himself - without telling his wife! He would later deliver this information in a very cold-hearted way…

6 Then Broke The News in the Middle of a Battle with Her

Black Panther Storm Marriage Ended

AVX: VS vol 1 issue #5 finally brought Storm and Black Panther face to face during the struggle between these two teams. After a devastating blow to Wakanda by Phoenix Namor, Storm showed up to check on their well-being and to speak to her husband.

He coldly informed her to stop coming to the city and that the Wakandans were no longer her people. He advised that her decision to side with the X-Men had forced him to have the high priest of the Panther clan to annul the marriage.

Utterly heartbroken over the news (especially since he was the high priest), she finally agreed to the end of their marriage. Not only did this conclude the union of two powerful heroes but also the first marriage between two black superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

5 Attacked Divine Justice while Hallucinating

Black Panther Divine Justice

As part of the outcast Jabari tribe, Queen Divine Justice eventually took a spot in the coveted Dora Milaje for both her protection and the reestablishment of her people in Wakanda. She proved herself to be a strong member of the group and served Black Panther to the best of her abilities.

However, she eventually fell in love with Vibraxas while serving as the king’s betrothed/bodyguard. She tried to keep the secret of her Dora Milaje status a secret from Vibraxas, but the truth was eventually revealed. In a fight between Vibraxas and Black Panther, Man-Ape ended up destroying the future Black Panther being held in a cryogenic state.

T'Challa then hallucinated that Divine was actually Magneto and attempted to kill her. Realizing his mistake, he eventually gave up his throne and retreated to New York to reflect on his mistakes. However, before leaving, he released Divine from the Dora Milaje so she could live her life with Vibraxas instead.

4 Accidentally brought the Fantastic Four to an apocalypse

Black Panther Storm Fantatsic Four

King Solomon's Frogs, a treasured relic in the Wakandan kingdom, often brought nothing but suffering to their users. Unpredictable in nature, the frogs could help the user move through time and space. In one such use of the relic, Black Panther unwittingly sent himself, members of the Fantastic Four and Storm on an unusual trip.

During their initial journey, the group first encountered a zombie invasion on the parallel version of the Skull homeland. The Galacti, which were zombified Marvel heroes, eventually destroy the entire planet with Black Panther and company included. Thanks for getting everyone killed, Black Panther!

This just goes to show you that no one should be playing with Black Panther’s toys because they might just get you screwed over, in more ways than one.

3 Defeated Iron Man By Shutting Down his Artificial Heart

Black Panther Defeats Paradox Iron Man

There have always been undertones of rivalry between Tony Stark and Black Panther throughout the years. While they both admire each other’s capabilities, the two have very contrasting backgrounds and morals. Both men are vastly intelligent, have developed ingenious technology and are incredibly rich (with Black Panther being the wealthiest in the Marvel Universe).

However, during an encounter with paradox versions of the heroes in Black Panther #45, Stark got a glimpse into the side of Black Panther that opposes him. During a battle with the paradox version of Iron Man, Black Panther employed some stealthy technology to take down his enemy. In particular, he used a device that essentially shut down his foe’s artificial heart. After the fight, the real Stark is shocked to learn that Black Panther had such specific technology made just for his weakness.

2 Built Special Weapons to go after Namor the Sub-Mariner

Black Panther Tries To kill Namor

It is hard to believe that, at one point, Black Panther and Namor the Sub-Mariner were actually friends. Since their initial falling out, the two have been at each other’s throats time and time again. Their hatred for one another came to an unsettling head during New Avengers issue #22.

In this issue, Black Panther was determined to bring an end to his long-standing rival. During the course of their fighting, he used exclusive technology designed to kill Namor specifically! Taking the time to develop weaponry to kill someone specifically is on a whole new level of hatred. Unfortunately, for Black Panther, he was unable to fulfill his task but promised to continue his goal of bringing an end to Namor before he died. Yikes.

1 What he did to Sabretooth

Black Panther Decapitates Sabretooth

One of the long-standing enemies of the X-Men, Sabretooth actually went toe-to-toe with Avenger Black Panther in the alternate universe Earth-58163. In the pages of Black Panther vol 4 issue #7, Sabretooth worked as an assassin for Magneto. He used Sabretooth to take out many of his enemies including Graydon Creed (his own son).

In his next mission, he was assigned to take down one of Magneto’s long-time enemies, Black Panther. Confronting the king in his own country, Sabretooth fought with Black Panther in a bitter battle. However, T'Challa took advantage of a weakened Sabretooth and promptly decapitated him. As if this death weren’t worse enough, he then celebrated his victory by shipping the severed head to Magneto. We had never seen such a ruthless version of Black Panther and, frankly, we were not ready for it.


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