Black Panther SDCC Trailer Description - T'Challa's Suit Has Nano-Tech

Marvel Studios screens exclusive Black Panther footage in their Hall H panel at Comic-Con. We were there - this is what we saw.

Marvel unveiled exclusive footage for Black Panther at SDCC 2017 during their epic Hall H panel. Ryan Coogler's film was one of the big two going into the panel along with Thor: Ragnarok, which got an intense second trailer during the event. However, because Panther is a little more out and got its own teaser just a few months ago this footage was only shown in the convention hall.

Black Panther made his debut in Captain America: Civil War, but we only got to see his home nation of Wakanda briefly in the post-credits scene. A very moody teaser trailer last month gave fans their first proper taste of both the country and the various heroes that King T'Challa surrounds himself with, and the SDCC footage vastly expanded on that.

Screen Rant was in Hall H for the Marvel Studios panel and saw the Black Panther footage - as well as experienced the subsequent standing ovation. Here's a description of what we saw.

The main scene opens on Panther and the Dora Milaje entering a casino where they're attempting to catch Klaue. He has a deal with Martin Freeman's Everett Ross, who has brought diamonds in exchange for vibranium. T'Challa's sister gets impatient and starts a fight. The scene with Panther facing down Klaue, who's new arm turns into a gun and blasts a table the hero tries to block the shot with.

Then it was followed up by a sizzle reel/trailer that took in the full scope of the movie. We saw T'Challa becoming the king and talking about the kind of ruler he wants to be. Cut to Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger confronting him about "doing nothing", then cut to Panther and the Dora Milaje chasing Klaue through a city. T'Challa hits his chest while wearing a business suit and the suit nano-tech covers him in the Panther costume. He attacks Klaue's car, runs up a wall and midair throws a staff at the ground that the car smashes into. Then we see Killmonger sparring with Panther out of costume with a cut to Jordan's suit appearing around him like Panthers.

First things first, yes - that nano-tech is as cool as it sounds. Coogler has done an incredible job of bringing the world of Wakanda to life, and that's highlighted brilliantly with how he handles the tech of both our hero and villain.

And the footage does seem to chime with what we've been told about Andy Serkis' Klaue - and not Jordan's Killmonger - being the big villain of the film. At the very least he's the driving antagonist force, with most of the film dealing with T'Challa hunting him and presumably trying to stop the arms dealer from trading in vibranium, one of Wakanda's biggest natural resources.

As with the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, this hasn't been made available online, likely to avoid competition with next-film-on-the-slate Thor: Ragnarok's released second trailer. But with the movie now only seven months away, we're sure to learn more about it soon.

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