Black Panther: Brie Larson Says Audiences Will Be 'Forever Impacted'

Brie Larson encourages people to go see Black Panther due to its story's lasting impact. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the film reunites fans with Captain America: Civil War standout T'Challa, who is now the king and protector of Wakanda. Assuming the mantle as the newest incarnation of the Black Panther, the epic blockbuster deep dives into the politics and culture of the hidden nation of Wakanda and the pivotal crossroads they are at. T'Challa is forced to make a decision about whether to maintain their existing way of life or opening up to the bigger world. Whatever he ultimately decides on, however, will significantly change the fate of the nation and its people in the future.

Since its announcement a few years back, buzz about Black Panther has been electric. Its good word of mouth about it now that the film is actually out will only hype up people's excitement about it. The film has been breaking ticket pre-sale records and is not tracking to pocket a whopping $170 million on its opening weekend. It's also hailed by critics becoming one of the highest rated superhero films in Rotten Tomatoes.

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On the night Black Panther starts to arrive in North American theaters, Larson took to her official Twitter account to urge everyone to catch the latest Marvel flick. Her followers who were able to already catch the film backed up her words, while others expressed their excitement of seeing it this coming weekend. Check out her tweet below:

Larson has been socially and politically vocal, famously refusing to clap for Casey Affleck after handing him his 2016 Oscars Best Actor Award following misconduct allegations against the actor. Active in various causes, it makes sense that she would be convincing people to see the film, which could change current Hollywood landscape with regard to proper representation in media, instead of the notion that her promotion is nothing but marketing the Marvel brand which she is also a part of. Further, her words aren't without merit considering the critical acclaim that Coogler and his team have been getting since the premiere of Black Panther a couple of weeks ago.

It won't be long before we see Larson all suited up on the big screen in Captain Marveldue next year. Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the film will tackle the story of Carol Danvers, an officer in the U.S. Military who gains her powers after being exposed to a Kree device explosion. While her origins will be Earth-bound, Kevin Feige hinted that her adventures will be heavily set in the cosmos. Considering that the narrative will take place in the '90s, her current whereabouts is an ongoing mystery in the MCU.

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