9 Powers Only True Fans Know Black Panther Has (And 6 Weaknesses)

Black Panther is one of the newest additions to the ever growing MCU. While fans of the comics have been aware of the hero for decades, his recent solo movie is what really put him on the map in popular culture.

He first appeared in the 1960’s and was groundbreaking in the comic book world as the first major superhero of African descent. His first appearance on the big screen was in Captain America: Civil War and he quickly became a favorite character in the MCU.

Since he is still fairly new after only appearing in three movies, viewers of Marvel films have been trying to learn more about his abilities and background. The comics go into much more details than any of the movies do.

While fans have already seen him claw Cap’s shield, indulge in the heart-shaped herb, and run with super-speed, there are many powers that have yet to be introduced on the big screen.

It’s also been said that T’challa doesn’t seem to have very many weaknesses. While the MCU has dropped a few hints of what could potentially bring him down, it’s much more clear in the comics.

It can be hard to fully encompass a hero’s entire list of abilities within a few hours of screen time.

Wondering what else Black Panther can and cannot do? Check out the 9 Powers Only True Fans Know Black Panther Has (And 6 Weaknesses).

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Black Panther temporarily had the power of clairvoyance
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15 Power: Clairvoyance

Black Panther temporarily had the power of clairvoyance

Most people don’t associate psychic powers with Black Panther, but he actually once had the power of clairvoyance, if only for a short while.

During a unique storyline in the comics, T’challa woke up one day and was suddenly able to see the future.

T’Challa is plagued by strange and disturbing nightmares of the future, supposedly a result of being exposed to the Vibranium Mound. This was during dealings with an energy vampire called Kiber the Cruel, who actually inflicted the hero with the visions.

Black Panther tracks Kiber down to his secret lair using his psychic abilities, but what he finds is just a hologram of the villian. Rather than an intimidating bald man in a villainous getup, he is a sentient pile of flesh that survives by feeding off of energy.

Black Panther takes Kiber’s final energy store and leaves him. His psychic powers leave him not too long after.

While he was only psychic for a brief time, it was definitely one of the more unique powersthat  the hero has possessed since his first comic book appearance. It would be interesting to see how that power would play out if they ever brought it into the MCU.  

14 Weakness: Electrocution

Black Panther Kinetic Absorption

From what fans have seen in the MCU, Black Panther may seem like he’s nearly invincible, but every hero has his weaknesses.

Vibranium is huge contributor to his powers. While vibranium is one of the reasons both T’Challa and Wakanda are so successful,  it could also be his downfall if used against him in the right way.

While vibranium is good for absorbing kinetic energy, it is also a conductor of electricity.

Black Widow learned of this weakness when she electrocuted Black Panther with her Black Widow’s Bite, an electroshock weapon, and slowed him down in order to allow Captain America and The Winter Soldier to escape in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

This may seem like just a slight weakness and like it is not very debilitating, but the more electricity an enemy uses, the worse the effects would be.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like too many people are aware of all the functions of vibranium or that Wakanda sits on a massive supply, making this weakness somewhat of a secret to his enemies.

Black Widow is an ally again, so she wouldn’t be much of a threat to him anymore. However, if the wrong person found out he was vulnerable to electricity, it would be bad news for T’Challa.

13 Power: Walking On Water

Black Panther running on water

It is not exactly a superpower that he has on his own, but Black Panther’s suit can help him do amazing things.

He can move extra quick, silently, and his reflexes are quicker than normal. His boots, in particular,  have special padding made from vibranium alloy that help his movements.

He can climb walls, scale building, and even walk on water. A lot of his abilities aren’t all that different from Spider-Man’s powers.

The vibranium woven into his boots makes it so his suit absorbs the momentum out of whatever object he comes into contact with, making it so he can move quickly and silently.

This includes everything from concrete to water. While water is certainly more difficult, with a lot of speed and momentum, he could sprint across the surface or even use it as a trampoline.

A lot like a cat, or in this case, a panther, he can walk in places that simply don’t seem feasible and survive crazy falls. His boots are the main reason for that.

While his suit is the main reason he has this ability, he doesn’t ever go anywhere without it thanks to Shuri’s necklace, making it a major part of his powers.

12 Power:  Teleportation

With all of the other technological advances Wakanda has made, it should come as no surprise that T’Challa also has the ability to teleport.

If anyone was going to figure out how to do it, it was him. His teleporter has come in handy quite a few times.

Black Panther’s added the teleporter to his suit in case he needs to escape from a fight quickly. It’s definitely helpful when he’s in a losing fight and needs to get away to regroup. Not only can he escape to short distances, he can also teleport to different universes.

The self-designed teleporter can even take other people along with whoever is wearing it. T’Challa once tried to teleport himself and three teens away from danger to Wakanda.

His device was interrupted, however, so he was unable to do it. The exact constraints of the device are unknown, but the fact he was going to attempt to teleport that many people that far proves just how advanced this teleportation device is.

It’s unlikely this invention will make it into the MCU, but it would certainly benefit all of the other heroes in the Avengers, particularly Bruce Banner considering the Hulk has decided to stop coming out.

11 Weakness: Arrogance

There are still a lot aspects of T’Challa’s personality that haven’t made it into the MCU. His character development is still fairly new and fans of the MCU are still getting to know that character.

While it may not be clear in the movies yet, he can actually be quite arrogant. His over-the-top cockiness is toned down in the movies compared to the way he is in the comics.

His overconfidence is certainly one of his biggest weaknesses-- a lot like Iron Man, T’Challa’s ego can make him difficult to work with.  

While he is extremely intelligent and has the skills to back up most of his big talk, when he’s too cocky, it doesn’t make for playing well with others. He isn’t always a team player.

While being the king of Wakanda certainly gives him some say in how things are done, he isn’t king of the world.

Arrogance isn’t always the best characteristic to show on screen, so it makes sense the MCU would tone down his tendency to be overconfident.

It would add a lot of tension between him and other heroes, and that isn’t the dynamic they wanted for Infinity War.

Pushing even your allies away isn’t a smart strategy when you’re trying to save the universe.

10 Power: Superhuman Senses

Spider-Man’s spidey-senses aren’t the only Avenger’s senses that are tingling. Black Panther has his own eery intuition, a result of having superhuman senses.

They were augmented after he consumed the juices from the heart-shaped herb.

Just like a panther, he can see with extreme clarity, even in the dark, thanks to the ability to see ultraviolet and infrared aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum. This sight also applies to extremely long distances.

His sense of smell is so strong he can recognize the scents of different people, helping his tracking abilities and acting as a lie-detector.

He used this lie-detection ability on Susan Richards in Black Panther Vol. 4, #24.

On top of that, he can detect sounds that typical humans cannot hear. In regards to taste, he can eat any food and distinguish the individual ingredients, which is beneficial for detecting poison.

These heightened senses are some of his most critical powers. Without them, he wouldn’t be nearly as heroic or impressive.

It’s hard to fight against someone who can see every move you make, hear you if you try to stay hidden, and track you down by your scent if you try to retreat. He would be quite difficult to outrun.

9 Power: Necromancy

Not only is T’Challa King of Wakanda, he’s also known as King of the Dead. This is quite literal, as he is actually able to practice necromancy and take control of and commune with the deceased.

Raising the deceased doesn’t sound very heroic, but it can come in handy at times.

The deceased will bend to his will and follow whatever orders he gives them. In the comics, in Secret War #7, T’Challa uses an entire army of zombies to take on the villian Emperor Doom’s attacking forces. All it took was a persuasive speech and they were on Black Panther’s side.  

In another storyline, he controls the spirits of Necropolis, who also help him fight against an enemy. This all sounds sort of villainous, but T’Challa has only used this power to fight for good.

This is definitely a darker power of T’Challa’s, so it’s not clear whether or not they’ll bring his army of zombies into the MCU, but it’s certainly a big advantage to have a horde of zombie warriors on your side.

The team certainly could have used that sort of power when they were battling the Avengers in Infinity War. Just imagine Thanos fighting a group of zombies.

8 Weakness: Lack of Protection Against Magic

Magic is a huge aspect of the Marvel universe. It’s slowly made its way into the movies as well, and was made especially relevant with the release of Doctor Strange.

It’s so relevant, in fact, not having a way to defend yourself from it would be a huge weakness. Unfortunately, T’Challa does not have a lot of protection against magical attacks.

Despite the vibranium that makes up his suit, as far as fans are aware, Black Panther has zero defenses when it comes to magic.

While the heart shaped herb could be considered magical or spiritual in itself, it doesn’t give him magical powers or a way to stop magic if it’s being used against him. That makes magic one of his, and possibly Wakanda’s, biggest vulnerabilities.

While he can resist telepathic powers, that isn’t necessarily the same thing as resisting magic. A lot of magical or elemental attacks are typically long range, making it even harder for him to defend himself.

T’Challa is great at close combat, but not so much at fighting enemies who are further away. Hopefully there will not be any magical enemies attacking Wakanda anytime soon, because magical beings are one of his biggest weaknesses.

7 Power: Genius-Level Intellect

Tony Stark isn’t the only Avenger possessing a super-genius level intellect. T’Challa is one of the most intelligent heroes in the Marvel universe.

It makes sense, considering he is the king of the most technologically advanced nation in the world. Wakanda is it’s own hidden utopian society, valuing science above all else. T’Challa grew up with an incredible education as well as access to the best technology on the planet.

He’s an expert with the material vibranium, which is what gives his suit it’s amazing abilities. It also makes up Wakanda’s most powerful weapons and surgical equipment. He has to be intelligent to handle working with it.

He even has a PhD in physics from Oxford and a photographic memory.

Mix all of this with his heightened senses and he is an incredibly dangerous opponent, able to guess his enemies next moves and come up with plans of action incredibly quick.

While this side of T’Challa has been shown extensively in the comics, fans haven’t seen a lot of it in the MCU yet. Shuri was shown doing most of the scientific work in Black Panther.

It would be interesting to see more of T’Challa’s scientific side while working alongside fellow super-genius Tony Stark on the big screen.  

6 Power:  Invisibility

Black Panther's cloaking mechanism in action

While Black Panther cannot technically turn invisible on his own, he has technology that makes him disappear.

His cloaking technology allows him to sneak past enemies undetected. This power of invisibility has not been seen in the MCU yet, but it’s been used in the comics.

In the comics, he upgrades his Black Panther suit with a bunch of technological features he created himself. One of these features is the cloaking device that can be controlled with his own mind.

Sort of like Iron Man’s prime armor, he can make his suit look like whatever clothes he wants. He can also change it to appear as nothing, making him entirely invisible, an extremely beneficial skill to possess.

His vibranium padded boots and natural agility already make it so he moves with complete silence. Add in this power of invisibility, and he would most likely never be noticed by his enemies.

He can vanish in the blink of an eye, giving him a huge advantage when sneaking around or avoiding a fight.

On top of being a skilled combatant and a super-genius, he’s also a master of disguise and stealth. Why would anyone ever want to get on T’Challa’s bad side?

5 Weakness: Daddy Issues

Marvel characters have a tendency to have some issues with their fathers.

Star-Lord had to take down his own dad in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Gamora and Nebula actively work to destroy their father Thanos, and Loki was adopted and always struggled with his identity.

T’Challa is no exception to this daddy issues concept that seems to plague the MCU.

These issues are touched on in the MCU, though not quite as much as in the comics. T’Challa loses his father in Captain America: Civil War, and it sends him on a mission of vengeance.

While he gets over that eventually and joins the superhero world alongside the Avengers, his father’s passing greatly affects him. In Black Panther, he struggles dealing with his father’s complicated past and trying to live without him.

In the comics, his father issues are a lot more detailed, but essentially his father’s passing still leaves him feeling incredibly alone and continues to be a soft spot for him.

He can’t always see straight when it comes time to deal with decisions his father made because of his loyalty to him. While he’s typically strong and confident, his father can weaken him and leave him vulnerable.

4 Power: Super-strength

Captain America: Civil War concept art - Black Panther vs. Captain America

This strength is a result of the heart-shaped herb that the king of Wakanda must consume. Mix that with a vibranium suit that is nearly indestructible, and Black Panther makes for a strong opponent.

This strength was first exhibited in the MCU when Black Panther was able to go hand to hand against Captain America, who possesses super-strength as well, in Captain America: Civil War.

The strength from Cap’s super-human serum isn’t all that different from the strength the heart shaped herb gives, seeing as each one strengthened the heroes to a similar skill level.

Over the years in the comics, T’Challa’s strength has been shown while he fights various opponents, including going up against huge animals like rhinos and winning.

The strength that comes with being the Black Panther is apparent just by the line “the strength of the Black Panther will now be stripped away” that fans heard a few times in Black Panther.

It’s one of the most important powers that comes with taking the mantle of the hero, and it comes from what seems like such a simple, small herb.

3 Weakness: He's Still Just Human

While it may seem like a very simple and blatant weakness, one of T’Challa’s biggest issues is that even under his suit, he’s only human.

In a world with aliens, robots, and magical beings, being just a human seems like a bit of a weakness.

T’Challa is susceptible to the same sort of attack that would harm any human, especially without his suit. While he is an enhanced human, take away his suit, and he’s still basically just a person.

While he would still have his super-senses and a few other abilities, he would be extremely vulnerable. For instance, the suit can remain unaffected by gunfire, his skin cannot.

He also still can break bones and sustain major injuries and is susceptible to weapons like knives.

Even his powers have their limits. Heroes like Thor seem nearly invulnerable with unlimited power, but that isn’t the case for Black Panther.

For example, he can certainly lift a lot of weight, but he hits a certain amount of pounds and has to stop. He is an extremely adept and strong fighter with his suit, but it isn’t always enough.

When fighting Gods and aliens and fighting alongside heroes like Hulk, it can be a weakness to be so human-like.

2 Power: Healing factor

Black Panther Cover 2

There are a few Marvel character known for their ability to self-heal, the most well-known one being Wolverine.

While Black Panther doesn’t have too much in common with the X-Men member, he does share a similar healing factor, though it isn’t quite as intense. T’Challa cannot heal nearly as quickly or as serious of injuries, but he does possess the ability to heal himself a little bit.

Small injuries, like cuts, scrapes, and bruises, heal much faster for him than they would for the average human being.

This healing factor also makes him immune to all sorts of diseases, so he never has to take a sick day from running Wakanda or fighting alongside the Avengers. This makes him a hard opponent to keep down. If he’s hit hard, he can heal his injuries quickly and get back in the fight.

Sure, he can’t regenerate entire limbs like fans just saw Deadpool do in Deadpool 2, but it’s better than having no healing factor at all.

This immunity and healing skill is once again all thanks to that little heart shaped herb. Without it, T’Challa would just break bones like any other human being and be out of the fight for weeks.

1 Weakness: Strong Nationalism

While it’s always great to show some love to your home country, sometimes you can show a little too much loyalty. T’Challa is extremely loyal to Wakanda, but that strong sense of nationalism can easily be exploited and become his downfall.

Wakanda is both a strength and a weakness for Black Panther. His family and friends always have his back and would do anything to defend their beloved country, but that can make them all blind to issues outside of Wakanda.

T’Challa is often torn between his moral duty to protect the world and his duty as king to protect his country's own interests. This tunnel vision is one of his biggest weaknesses.

He’s been known to destroy anyone who threatens Wakanda, regardless of the consequences.

His dangerous mix of pride, distrust of others, and intense nationalism isn’t a good color on a superhero and can make it quite difficult to work with others, such as the Avengers, to help other issues facing the world.

If a villian threatens to destroy Wakanda, it would be easy for T’Challa to give into their demands in order to save it. Wakanda Forever, for sure, but it’s also nice to see things from a fresh perspective when the fate of the universe is at hand.


Can you think of any other powers or weaknesses that Black Panther has? Sound off in the comments!

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