Justice League's Ray Fisher & Oprah Winfrey Praise Black Panther

Black Panther - Mid-credits scene

Ray Fisher and Oprah Winfrey laud Black Panther and director Ryan Coogler. Joining a legion of Hollywood celebrities who were blown away by the latest Marvel flick such as Brie Larson, Chris Evans and James Gunn, the Justice League star and veteran host expressed their adoration of the film starring Chadwick Boseman as the king and protector of the hidden nation of Wakanda. Boasting a stellar cast of mostly black actors, the flick is the 18th installment in the MCU, and yet, it feels like it's nothing like any comic book movie we have ever seen.

Shattering several pre-sale records, Black Panther continues its domination at the box office with an impressive estimated $75.81 million haul from its Thursday and Friday screenings alone. Total three-day earnings projection for the movie is at $194 million while tracking for as much as $230 million after its first four days. Critically, the movie is a hit for both critics and general viewing public, becoming one of the highest rated superhero films on Rotten Tomatoes, and nabbing A+ CinemaScore. Even Hollywood personalities are awed by it, including Fisher and Oprah.

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Fisher and Oprah are two of the latest celebrities to express their love for Marvel's latest offering via posting on their respective Twitter accounts. The newest addition to the True Detective season 3 cast congratulated Coogler and all the people involved in the process for a brilliant film, even urging people to catch it in theaters. Meanwhile, the iconic TV host, who will star in Ava Duvernay's A Wrinkle in Time next month, calls it "phenomenal" - citing its layered narrative as its main selling point. Check out their tweets below:

Seeing what Black Panther is doing at the box office will only open more opportunities for black people in front and behind the camera. While online forums are populated with arguments about DC and Marvel, folks involved in these projects run around the same circles and thus, know each other pretty well. Similar to how Wonder Woman shattered myths that a female superhero-led movie would not perform at the same level as the usual male top-billed ones (at least in the box office), Black Panther proves that people are going to see a film as long as its well-made. Looking at what the Coogler-directed film is able to accomplish, studios will be more willing to invest in projects spearheaded by African Americans, African, as well as Latinos, and Asians.  If anything, it could even pave a clearer path towards the fruition of a Cyborg standalone film.

There is no denying that Black Panther has become bigger than just a film. While it has been breaking box office records, it means so much more than a blockbuster flick for those who have a deeper connection to its narrative due to their personal life experiences. Taking a life of its own, the film has sparked a movement for people who feel that they are now properly represented on the big screen at this scale. It reinforces the power of representation that could potentially change Hollywood's old perception of what sells.

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