Black Panther Confirmed to Include Nightshade

Marvel Studio's Black Panther is set to include classic comic villain Nightshade, teasing a possible MCU future full of werewolves.

Marvel villain Nightshade will be making her way to Black Panther, teasing an MCU future full of werewolves. At this point, Marvel's upcoming adaptation of superhero Black Panther is looking to be an ensemble to rival an Avengers film. Already hotly anticipated before the cast was announced, the new film is packed full of acting heavy-hitters who will each bring a commanding presence to the screen. Among them are also a number of relative newcomers, though that will likely change following the film's release. Marvel fans were already excited to see the hero get a solo film following his introduction in Captain America: Civil War, but the release of the first Black Panther teaser trailer for the film has set the Internet on fire.

Now, even casual moviegoers are excited to dive into the expansive and intriguing world of Wakanda. The trailer teased not only action, but a look at what's bound to be one of the most unique superhero films of all time. The teaser also provided us with our first looks at a number of classic comic characters, all of which will help to expand the already sizable MCU. Now, one more name from the page can be added to that list.

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Musician Nabiyah Be tweeted out a photo of herself in the Black Panther trailer next to Michael B. Jordan's Erik Killmonger, stating she'll be playing Tilda Johnson. While her face previously went unrecognized, it looks as if Marvel has cleared her to spread the word. In the comics, Johnson has previously gone by the names Deadly Nightshade and Dr. Nightshade, but is now simply known as Nightshade. With her arrival, T'Challa will have yet another enemy to face as he tries to rule his country.

Never kept something for myself for so long! Check out Tilda Johnson's first appearance in @Marvel @theblackpanther #blackpanther #Wakanda

— Nabiyah Be (@nabiyahbe) June 10, 2017

Nightshade first appeared in 1973's Captain America #164 as a scientist with a serum that she used to turn convicts into werewolves. It was one of the wackier stories for Cap, but Johnson soon went on to become an overall scientific genius and foe for Avengers like Power Man and Black Panther. Like T'Challa, Shuri, and Killmonger, she's a genius, with specialties in biology, chemistry, robotics, and more.

Nightshade is also a native of New York, where Killmonger spends his days after his family is exiled from Wakanda. It's unknown how much of Johnson's backstory will make it into the film, however, as Marvel is known for tweaking lesser known characters for the MCU.

Be herself is a complete newbie to film. Though she's been a musician for awhile and has at least one theater credit to her name, she'll be a relative unknown to most moviegoers. That could mean Tilda Johnson will be a relatively small character in the film. Still, her presence next to Killmonger in Black Panther could mean she's his right hand, signaling a possible bigger future in the MCU. With a full trailer likely on the way, we should know more about Nightshade and Black Panther soon.

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Source: Nabiyah Be

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