Watch Kendrick Lamar's Official Black Panther Music Video

The official music video for the Black Panther album single 'All The Stars' is here, taking Kendrick Lamar and SZA to Wakanda. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to big opening weekends and critical hits, but Black Panther is shaping up to be something special. Estimates have Black Panther on track to hit $150 million during its opening weekend at the domestic box office, far outstripping other Marvel solo debuts. Meanwhile, the film is tapping into pockets of moviegoers who generally don't flock to the latest comic book film.

Helping to spread the cultural superiority of Black Panther this year is Kendrick Lamar. The Black Panther soundtrack was curated by the artist and his label Top Dawg Entertainment, and will feature appearances by 2 Chainz, James Blake, Ab-Soul, and many more. Lamar will also be all over the album, including the first single with SZA. Now, the official music video for their collaboration has been revealed.

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Directed by Dave Meyers, Kendrick Lamar released the music video for 'All The Stars' today. The track is the first single from Black Panther: The Album, and features SZA alongside the rapper. Both also appear in the video, which mixes African imagery, magical realism, and plenty of stars to offer a glimpse into a version of Wakanda. While no one from the movie appears, there is a shot of what appears to be Angela Basset as Ramonda at one point. Otherwise, the video is a surreal journey through Africa and the cosmos which will certainly help to expand the audience for Black Panther.

Just as Ta-Nehisi Coates used music to promote his Black Panther comics run, including interviews at the end of issues and promos featuring various artists, the Black Panther film is pulling in Lamar and other popular musicians to help to expand the cultural scope of the film. For many, the chance to see themselves represented as heroes, royalty, and tech-genuises will be something new, which helps explain why excitement for the movie is so high.

Even outside of the cultural relevance, Black Panther appears to be a strong film. Early Black Panther reviews have now arrived, and they're overwhelmingly positive. From the cast and crew to the visuals to the socio-political themes, it's clear the latest MCU movie will be unlike anything that Marvel (or any other major studio) has ever released. For related reasons, Black Panther is poised to kickoff Marvel Studios' year on the big screen in spectacular fashion.

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With so many big artists featured on the movie's soundtrack, expect more singles and official music videos for Black Panther to make their way online in the forthcoming weeks.

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