Black Panther Fans Petition for Wakanda TV Show Spinoff

Black Panther movie fans have launched a petition, asking for a TV show spinoff that takes place in the country of Wakanda. The first Marvel Studios film of 2018 is off to an auspicious start. After just 10 days in theaters, Black Panther set a new record this weekend by once again topping The Avengers and pulling in $108 million in its second weekend domestically. Meanwhile, critics and fans alike can't stop talking, writing, and posting about the movie.

Already, the impact of Black Panther is changing things. Disney is helping to open new STEM centers by donating $1M to Boy and Girls Club of America. The effort will see cities across the world create new facilities to help young people explore science and technology, including in Oakland, mirroring Black Panther itself. With a new batch of heroes to look up to, Black Panther will should continue inspiring future generations - and one fan is hoping the franchise will expand in other ways, too.

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Eric Hamilton created a petition seeking a Wakanda-based spinoff TV series. Hamilton wants to see Marvel channel their assets into exploring the origin of the technologically advanced nation, and wants Netflix to continue working their magic with the comic company. So far, the petition has 4,000 signatures, showing just how much people love all things Black Panther.

Black Panther Wakanda View

Though the idea is a fun one and fans are clearly interested, Netflix certainly won't be making the series. Future Marvel shows will go to Disney's streaming service, which is set to debut in the fall of next year. The existing Defenders-based shows will remain on Netflix, but any new projects will come strictly from Disney-owned platforms. That said, those resources seem like more than enough to realize a Wakanda TV show, and it's likely Marvel are more than happy to explore more Black Panther media.

Black Panther has a massive toy line coming, topping all other non-sequel in the MCU. And on top of leading the current season of Avengers Assemble, T'Challa has multiple comic books exploring his life right. Black Panther 2 is obviously coming, but it's hard to imagine Marvel not continuing to capitalize on the film's success in other ways. With the movie headed towards $1 billion at the box office, expect the near future to see some exciting new Black Panther projects emerge.

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Source: Eric Hamilton (via CBR)

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