Black Panther Teaser is Among Marvel's Top 3 Most Watched Trailers

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Marvel Studios has released the first teaser trailer for Black Panther and it already ranks among the studio's top 3 most-watched trailers ever. Studios continue to find new and bigger ways to market their latest blockbusters and the continued emphasis put on trailer views is among their favorite ways to gauge interest from the public. Since it's now possible for movie trailers to be shown in a variety of ways and made easily re-watchable, the view counts that trailers accumulate can be quite telling, with respect to how big a film is going to be at the box office.

For Marvel, the hope is that the hype generated from the first teaser will only further boost the notoriety of Black Panther and propel it to being a financial success. The teaser has already taken social media by storm, allowing Black Panther to top social media analytics for the past week alone. Moreover, the teaser has now became one of Marvel's most-watched promos in general, within the span of some 24 hours alone.

THR is reporting that the Black Panther teaser trailer took in 89 million views in the first 24 hours of it going live. As the trailer debuted during Game 4 of the NBA Finals, 19 million of this total comes directly from the live TV audience, most of whom could've been completely unaware that the trailer was coming. The other 70 million views came from an online audience, allowing the Black Panther teaser to top the 61 million views accumulated by Captain America: Civil War's trailer. While that allowed the Black Panther teaser to crack the top 3 for MCU movie trailer views, it fell short of unseating the current champ Thor: Ragnarok (the teaser trailer for which brought in 136 million views).

While it remains to be seen if Ragnarok's record setting trailer view count will translate to a Hulk-sized box office return, it should be able to become the highest grossing film of the franchise. Black Panther, by comparison, has momentum based on not only these trailer numbers, but also thanks to Chadwick Boseman's scene-stealing debut as T'Challa in Civil War. Between the film also featuring a predominantly African-American cast and debuting during Black History Month, Black Panther is in a very favorable position to hit it big at the box office.

Since this is only just the beginning of Black Panther's marketing, there is a very good chance that excitement will only continue to build in the coming months. Marvel may well show more footage from the film at D23 and/or San Diego Comic-Con next month, before releasing a second Black Panther trailer later this year - either with Ragnarok in theaters and/or later in December, attached to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If the marketing does unfold like this, then Marvel will have no trouble keeping Black Panther fixed firmly in the spotlight, ahead of its release.

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Source: THR

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