15It’s a Direct Continuation from Civil War

Similarly to Spider-Man: Homecoming, Black Panther will initially pick up either during, or immediately following, the events of Captain America: Civil War. This makes sense, as T’Challa underwent some major changes during the course of that movie.

Not only did he lose his father, but he also took the mantle

of both King and Black Panther, both of which have to be addressed as soon as he returns home. So, in Black Panther, we will see T’Challa take the throne.

It sounds like most of the hardships that Black Panther encounters will stem from the ramifications of Civil War, from not only T’Challa stepping into the role of King, but also Wakanda’s decision to step out of the shadows and join the larger world as a whole, which was shown in Civil War just before the bombing that took King T’Chaka’s life.

Exactly how the movie will handle these events, though, remains to be seen at this point.

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