T'Challa Stands Tall in Black Panther International Posters

Brand-new posters for Black Panther have arrived, hyping the international release of Marvel's next film. In all the excitement surrounding the release of the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, it can be easy to forget that Marvel fans won't even have to wait that long for their next dose of superhero action. Before the fight comes to Wakanda in May, Black Panther will make his solo debut early next year. Each new trailer for the movie has been met with rabid fan excitement and it could shape up to be one of Marvel's biggest solo debuts so far.

Black Panther not only benefits from the fact that T'Challa has already been introduced to audiences thanks to Captain America: Civil War, but the unique nature of the upcoming release. Set mostly in Africa and feature one of the most inclusive casts in superhero filmmaking, Black Panther will help Marvel tap into a whole new set of moviegoers and tell a story more focused on community and politics than they're used to. But while the movie seems poised to be hugely successful, the marketing machine isn't slowing down.

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Marvel UK released a new international poster for Black Panther that highlights Wakanda and its most noteworthy citizens. Standing tall about all the heroes, villains, and supporting characters, meanwhile, is T'Challa himself. There's also a new Black Panther poster that was released for Canadian theaters. Check out both one-sheets, below:

While Black Panther has released a variety of interesting posters over the past year, this UK piece is sadly just a rework of a previous one. The Black Panther poster that accompanied the latest trailer is nearly identical to this one, with almost every character image reused. The background and layout are somewhat different, however, as are the shots of T'Challa and Nakia (Lupita Nyong'o). When it comes to the marketing of blockbusters, this type of promotional recycling is a common practice, and it seems like Marvel were happy enough with the initial design that they wanted to employ it for the international campaign as well.

As we close in on the February release of Black Panther, expect plenty more posters, TV spots, and clips to arrive. We recently saw an international trailer for Black Panther, which similar reworked certain elements from the main trailer. As for posters, a batch of Black Panther character portraits from this fall did a gorgeous job of showcasing the ensemble of the film.

With the one-two punch of Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, T'Challa and Chadwick Boseman are all set for a huge year. 2019, meanwhile, will then feature the character in Avengers 4, and many fans are hoping that will swiftly be followed by the announcement of Black Panther 2. Until then, however, fans only have to wait a couple more months for Black Panther to give us the proper origin of the iconic Marvel hero.

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Source: Marvel UK

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