Black Panther Gets Dolby Cinema Poster; AMC Giving Out Free Comics

A new Dolby Cinema poster for Black Panther has been unveiled, along with a comic giveaway at select AMC theaters during the movie's opening weekend. In just a few more weeks, Marvel Studios will kick off their 2018 with the highly-anticipated Black Panther. Marketing for the film has been picking up of late, with the latest Black Panther TV spot release one of many that showcase the movie's sci-fi and action elements. For fans who can't get enough of the film, there's been no shortage of material to consume, and that's not about to change either.

Thanks to Black Panther's event status, coupled with the big marketing push and the draw of the Marvel Studios brand, the box office projections for the film are quite strong at the moment. Some are even predicting that Black Panther will surpass Deadpool 2 and set a new opening weekend record for February in the process (either 3 and/or 4-day). Even if it doesn't fly quite that high, it's clear from the pre-sale tickets and online buzz along that Black Panther will be on of Marvel's biggest solo character movie debuts yet.

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To celebrate the imminent arrival of Black Panther, Dolby Cinema has revealed an exclusive poster for the film. Along with the watercolor-inspired artwork, the company has also announced that fans who go see Black Panther at a Dolby/AMC theater between February 15-18 will get an exclusive reprint of Black Panther #1 by Ta-Nehisis Coates and Brian Stelfreeze.

Those who buy early tickets to blockbuster movies often receive exclusive deals and posters. When it comes to comic book films, those freebies are generally digital copies of comics related to the movie. Dolby-AMC is upping the ante with a physical reprint of the first issue of Coates' celebrated run on Black Panther. And though the movie isn't directly based on any one era of the comics, it's been indicated that Coates' work heavily influenced Black Panther.

While Black Panther has a long history in comics and is well-known even to wider audiences, it's clear that his solo film is about to skyrocket the character's popularity. Captain America: Civil War helped with this, but metrics continue to show Black Panther will reach new audiences outside of typical comic book movie fans, similar to how Wonder Woman performed last year. Meanwhile, multiple Black Panther comics have been released by Marvel of late, and the superhero is the current focus of the Avengers Assemble animated TV series.

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There may be even bigger things to come for T'Challa on the big screen especially, after Black Panther is released in theaters. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on that front, over the weeks (and months) ahead.

Source: Dolby Cinema

Key Release Dates
  • Black Panther (2018) release date: Feb 16, 2018
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