Patty Jenkins Praises Black Panther as 'Incredibly Meaningful'

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has congratulated the team behind Black Panther for a movie she says will change the world. Featuring a cast of predominantly black actors, the movie tackles Chadwick Boseman's role as the new king and protector of Wakanda. But while ideally, he is set to continue how his country has been ruled for hundreds of years, the young leader is faced with a tough decision to make made more complicated by varying external and internal factors.

Director Ryan Coogler's Marvel movie has grossed as much as $243 million at the box office after its first four days of theatrical release alone. It earned a whopping $201.8 million during its three-day opening, setting a new record for the month of February. Overseas, it's doing well in the U.K., South Korea (where a part of it was filmed) and other territories, while still waiting for its official release in China, where Marvel Studios usually does very good business. Critically, the movie is also raking rave reviews from everyone including Justice League star Ray Fisher, Oprah and former First Lady Michelle Obama. It's also the second superhero flick to land an A+ CinemaScore, on top of a Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes score. Not a bad way to kickoff the MCU's 10 year anniversary.

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While several people in the U.S. have now seen Black Panther on the big screen, it appears that Jenkins isn't one of them yet. Nevertheless, the Wonder Woman filmmaker has sent an early congratulatory message to Coogler and his team, adding that can't wait to catch their MCU adventure once her schedule clears up. Check out her tweet below:

From one visionary to another, Jenkins knows what it feels like to deliver a superhero film that goes beyond the usual action set pieces and shallow narrative with last year's Wonder Woman. Like the DC smash hit before it (which gave Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Princess her own solo movie), Black Panther represents a breakthrough in representation for big-budget Hollywood tentpoles and superhero films alike. While neither film is the first to feature either a female and/or black superhero front and center, they are groundbreaking because of their massive scope and reach, not to mention critical and box office success. In addition to all that, there is also another commonality between the two: Florence Kasumba, the German-Ugandan actress who appears in both Wonder Woman (as Themyscira Senator Acantha) and Black Panther (as Dora Milaje member, Ayo).

More than anything though, Wonder Woman and Black Panther signal a shift in people's perception of what sells in Hollywood. Both characters have existed and been celebrated in their comic book form for decades, which begs the question: how come their stories are only now being adapted for the big screen? The answer may be obvious but looking ahead to the future, the important thing is that now both Diana of Themyscira and T'Challa, King of Wakanda, have their own thriving cinematic franchises - and should not only stick around for a long time, but help to further pave the way for more inclusive stories to be told.

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Source: Patty Jenkins

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